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Roger Ailes: No One Did More to Debase US Politics


Roger Ailes: No One Did More to Debase US Politics

Jeff Cohen

Roger Ailes, the man who pioneered “alternative facts,” is dead. During the first five years of Fox News—which was built almost single-handedly by Ailes’ genius—I was a regular on-air contributor/panelist there. I dealt with his right-wing lieutenants plenty, but only met Ailes once, at a Fox News “Holiday Party.” The invite did not call it a “Christmas Party.” It was one of hundreds examples of hypocrisy at the TV channel that would soon launch the “War on Christmas” hoax.


In his serial complaints about "fake news" Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP originate more "fake news" that the rest of the world's "fake news" originators combined. Faux news has been and continues to be the crown jewel in the GOP's fake news crown.


You really do ail from the Ailes disease. If you read widely you would realize that Fox is, in fact, a parody of the news, along with TDC and WND (and others). There is bias in all news sources -- because the stories are written and edited by human beings -- but with a bit of effort and critical thinking surveying several sources can present the most likely picture of events.


Not to mention that NYT and WaPo fake news attacks progressives while benefiting Trump and other GOP operatives as often as it benefits DNC operatives.


Roger Ailes is truly deserving of the classic epithet, 'Rot in Hell!' The damage he wrought will take decades, if not generations, to repair, if ever.