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Roger Ailes: The Man Who Destroyed Objectivity


Roger Ailes: The Man Who Destroyed Objectivity

Neal Gabler

Fox News creator and former chief Roger Ailes, who died at 77 last week from complications after a fall in his Florida home, may have been the most significant political figure of the last 35 years — which isn’t necessarily a compliment to those of us who believe media mavens shouldn’t also be political operatives.

Ailes clearly thought differently. He simultaneously changed the contours both of American politics and American media by melding them, and in doing so changed the contours of fact and objectivity as they once were understood before the era of post-fact.


If you ask me, the rapid downward slide started with Ronald Reagan, years earlier.


Ailes ouldn't have done it without an Unregulated Media. ( read No Longer Any Laws Protecting the Public from Monopolization. )

1941 Broadcaster can't own TV Stations that reach over 35% of Nation's Homes

1946 Major Networks Prohibited from buying Other Major Networks

1964 Broadcaster may not own more than one TV Station in the Same Market

then came Sock Puppet Reagan

1981 May now own SEVEN, later in 1985, TWELVE TV Stations

1985 Unlimited Commercial Time legalized

1987 Fairness Doctine eliminated - Stations on our Public Airwaves no longer must carry Contrasting Points of View

and then came Bill

1996 Telecommunications Act of 1996,

Radio Industry Cap eliminated, unlimited number of Radio Stations may now be owned.

Five entities, as of 2007, alone, controlled 75% of all Prime time Viewing

Digital TV Licenses, that would have been worth Billions to the US Treasury, given away to Broadcasters FOR FREE.

Broadcaster's accountability to the Public reduced.

Ailes was just another Pig at the Trough.


Thank you ----this is the real issue-----the consolidation of corporate media-and now what are they planning for the internet?

But I must take issue with the word objectivity-----objectivity doesn't exist! Yes its an illusion


Media objectivity was already in a downward slide when Roger came to town. Faux news took an even greater leap backward than killing objectivity...faux accelerated fake news to mach 2 and made fake news the rule, not the exception.
Following the Goebbels formula Trump blamed two decades of his and faux's fake news on the Democrats even though the Democrats never earned more than a distant second place in the fake news world.


The man who destroyed objectively is mocking up in the social media and it has also become trend of it.