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Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever


Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever

Matt Taibbi

On the Internet this week you will find thousands, perhaps even millions, of people gloating about the death of elephantine Fox News founder Roger Ailes. The happy face emojis are getting a workout on Twitter, which is also bursting with biting one-liners.

What did Roger Ailes die of, aside from perfect timing

— Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit) May 18, 2017


Thank you Mr Taibbi. Hard to pack in all the evil of the man in one article. To add, he created Nixon TV before Faux News. That is upon what Faux News was built: the same methodology as Nixon TV.
Cheers and keep up the “great, great, very great, really great” work.


MSNBC only represents “the left” to people who don’t know where the left is. I wish we could use a common definition, like The Political Compass:



All one needs to do is to walk, take a bus, get gas at a truck stop or work as an RN in a hospital; constant FOX.


Right on Matt. I’ve been thinking about the damage Ailes, Koch brothers Republicans and other elites have done to this country since I heard he died. They have turned a third of this country’s population into paranoid, hateful and racist idiots. Misinformed and lacking in reality they vote in large numbers and win. Every new fact is an attack from the liberal left.
When Bush was in office my sister, a Republican, called one day terrified Sharia law was going to be enacted here. She heard they were taking over Detroit. It broke my heart and has divided my family, so I have a deep resentment for the one’s that divided this country for profit.
I like the statement mentioned above, I hope he comes back as a woman in Saudi Arabia, the sick bastard. Him and Scalia in hell would work.


"Fox for the right, MSNBC for the… " Huh?

Fox is for the extreme far right; along with Rupert Murdoch’s outlets, Clear Channel radio and others. Most other outlets, infected by the post-Goldwater torrent of conservative frames spread my every means available, are far right. MSNBC was never on the left; it was at best center-right with 1 or 2 commenters on the center-left, and is now entirely on the right (from what I’ve heard; I’ve never watched it).

US society has drifted so far to the right that most people alive don’t remember what a left is. Like degradation of nature, climate change, and other shifting baselines, our perception is skewed, year by year and generation by generation. As long as the political-economic system continues to allow control of media by those with money, the right will be ascendant. If we can recover power in time, we’ll be able to start the generations-long work of regenerating nature and the balance of human sanity together,


Bravo, Matt!

One of the best we have.


What’s sad is the infection he spread on TV is going to be here to stay. I seem to remember pl’ Rush buddy on TV for a short while in the early 90’s, I guess Ailes carried the infected torch after Rush went to terrorize AM radio.


“Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever”
He was but one Matt; the worst American ever still lives.
Murdoch’s smug smiling face in the header image is the epitome of greedy vandalous evil.
Ailes was merely one of Murdoch’s many media hand-puppets - selling lies and distortions throughout the western world.
King Rat Rupert still lives - and is feted by kowtowing political ‘leaders’ the world over.


I can’t bring myself to embrace the Clintons as liberals. No way. This country has moved really far right to consider them liberals in any sense of the word.


How about this she-he being a closeted lesbian in S.A.? That ought to earn even more payback, no?


MSNBC would love for the Public to believe that it represents the Left, but it insidiously represents the Duopoly “Good Cop” DNC.


Ailes was not Murdoch’s Hand Puppet, in fact he had amassed enough power, before his sex scandal, to dominate Murdoch.


Thank you for The NY Times post as well. So many roads lead back to Nixon and the " young republican" guys that have gone on to wreak havoc and make a lot of money since the late 60’s. So many political operatives still in play and teaching and passing on their hateful ideas and money making ventures. With age and wisdom comes the recognition of their language and abuse. An old Washington Post headline from 1973 reveals Nixons’ fear of a “witch hunt.” Watch the language, a lot of us have heard it before. The irony is that the same playbook is used over and over again…and it works. No one wins in the current political landscape. If anyone wants some insight into hate, bullying, and winning…just look up Lee Atwater. There are thousands like him everywhere. And they work on both sides of the fence.


Love the GC/BC analogy!


Murdoch isn’t even from Mer - he’s an ultra-conservative foreign billionaire who managed to do this to us…


Start complaining to management. When you are in a place of business and Fox is on as that the channel be changed to the Weather Channel or Comedy Central, anything but Fox.


Murdoch is a US citizen - he took up US citizenship so he could buy up and control US media corporations. He now dominates US, UK & Australian media
He was originally an Australian citizen.
Read about him here: https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2013/november/1383224400/robert-manne/why-rupert-murdoch-can-t-be-stopped


Yes, hospitals today are places of business. Go ahead and tell the patient, who is very sick and have a right to watch what they want, to change the channel while one is trying to do their job and don’t have time to “talk politics.” You go ahead and do it while putting in an IV in the most dangerous places, dipshit!


As influential/well connected as Ailes was in US politics, no-one dominates the ruthless Murdoch. He owns/controls much of US media, including the Fox network Ailes worked for.
Rest assured that Murdoch will appoint another of his many sockpuppet media managers to Fox, equally, if not more right wing and obnoxious as Ailes.