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Roger Stone Commutation Violates the Constitution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/roger-stone-commutation-violates-constitution


Stone and Trump sitting in a tree,


First they plan second they slink,

Doing whatever dastardly deeds up they think.

These two men are joined at the hip,

Lying for each other to cover up their crimes,

Sooner or later to slip and do some prison time.


This is a difficult argument. I don’t disagree with the premise that some pardons would be improper and even criminal conduct by the president; a great example is a pardon in return for a bribe. But the remedy may be the impeachment and/or prosecution of the president. I am not sure how any court has the power to undo the pardon.

The author lays it all out!

“presidential pardon power is (NOT) “absolute.” This perception is fundamentally at odds with our constitutional history, traditions, and the text of the Constitution”
The "President cannot use the pardon power to carry out criminal activity; this principle flows directly from specific requirements set forth in the Constitution - *the office of the presidency is a public trust that must be faithfully executed by oath"

We the public, and our elected officials, and centrally, the mass media, have ignored these truths to serve themselves and feed corrupt, subversive interests at the very great expense of truth, our Republic, and people - the people who are the constituency the president serves, not the other way around!


Stone having been a habituated but well connected criminal at least since the GOP manipulated the 1980 election for Saint Ron notwithstanding, has there been a single week during the past decade that the GOP HASN"T violated the US Constitution ?


I’ve practiced law for 30 years and this opinion is so far-fetched and unsupported that it’s embarrassing. Why do you publish this kind of article? It damages your reputation.

Hi Emphyrio:
“PresidentiaI pardon power is NOT absolute.” yes but Trump neither reads weII nor says words correctIy
There is actual phrase that he no doubt mishears as in , “The president must take an oath to Faithfully execute the office of President.” Knowing how badIy Trump uses words maybe he thinks that the word is actually ,
"FataIIy " execute the office of president—and he certainly is kiIIing that office of the president. : (

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You have provided zero backup evidence for your assertions either on the relevant law or your position - it seems likely you are no lawyer at all or a very slanted hyper-partisan one.

The author, Ben Clements, has a wide history and experience. Stone is clearly by his own mouth guilty and the quid pro quo pardoning him by the worst liar ever to inhabit the Oval Office seems clear enough.

Let’s turn to reputations; you have none. Whats embarrassing is your vapid comment so obviously political rather than evidentiary supporting two proven liars and scumbags.

I don’t care.
There is no evidence of “exfiltration” at the DNC.

Trump is the greatest flip-flopper in the history of the world: except as it
relates to covering up criminal toadyism of his friends. In that case, crooked
Donald always comes thru.

constitutional REPUBLIC… with just that line of misinformation ,the entire post is wrong… can not believe any thing these days…

We - the US - were founded as a republic, not a “democracy”… the fact of there being a constitution as its primary founding political document makes the US arguably a constitutional republic. So what exact fault do you find with that descriptive? The claim that such a “misinformation” according to you makes this post and the authors entire argument regarding trumps corrupt commutation of Stone’s sentence, even after a guilty plea, “wrong” is absurd blather.

Impeachment is impossible until the republicans perceive him as a threat to themselves. He is pretty much untouchable as long as he is in office. Happily, that won’t be for much longer and then the U.S. attorneys under a new democratic administration can ‘Go To Town’ prosecuting his many, many crimes. And ‘the donald’ can spend the rest of his life in deposition, in front of grand juries, and in prison.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but there is no actual reason why it cannot happen.

Unethical to say the least. Illegal? If not it should be. Is anyone gonna hold Trump accountable? No. Institutions fail us. Trump has been “institutionalized” and protected all his life as his niece has stated. The institutions that protect us are under control by Trump’s enablers. This comes from the fact that very few of our political criminals have ever been held accountable. Richard Nixon was probably the last big fish that has paid any kind of price for their misdeeds. So here we are.

Exactly! Probably some kind of paid troll claiming to be a lawyer.

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It will be if Biden wins and says: " we need to unite the country and it is time to look forward".

Look at the above picture of Roger Stone! The perfect image of a Mafia lieutenant pardoned by his Mafia Don. More proof that the current Administration is a Mafiaocracy.