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Roger Waters to Madonna: Don't Normalize Palestinians' Rights Violations With Performance in Tel Aviv

Roger Waters to Madonna: Don't Normalize Palestinians' Rights Violations With Performance in Tel Aviv

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Continuing his call to musicians to boycott an upcoming international song competition, rock legend Roger Waters on Wednesday urged Madonna not to perform at a Tel Aviv contest.

The venue at issue is the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place mid-May. Madonna's press team confirmed this month that she'd be performing. But in so doing, according to Waters, Madonna would be ignoring the Israeli occupation's deprivation of Palestinians' human rights.


Roger Waters wrote great music, but his political courage is even greater.


Good description of Waters. Sadly many people of high stature are not bothered by the strife and suffering of Palestinians. Madonna is just one of many like Ted Nugent, Clint Eastwood and the late Charlton Heston that do a disservice to our political endeavors.


Let’s not go overboard on Madonna, gandolf. While I absolutely will be disappointed in her if she doesn’t see a “ray of light” and cancel this performance, she ain’t no Ted Nugent:



Aging gracefully is hard for us all. As I’ve said several times here at CD before; " Money changes everything, just look what’s it’s done to Madonna. "
Hope she reconsiders.


O I don’t know about that: they both lack real talent and so must exploit either sex or violence to get an audience. I suppose the main difference is that Madge is the hallow emblem of the narsisistic Yuppie era, dead now, killed by T-rump, and Nugent is the corpse of the 70’s Rockers, propped up by meth and viagra. Gag me.


Look, I find Nugent’s political views so abhorrent that I get physically ill when I hear him present them. I find the man literally frightening and I’d consider moving if he moved near me.

But he did make good music back in the day. It’s just a fact.

…and don’t get me started on Madonna- I am still and forever will be a Wannabee.

but of course Roger is better


why does CD keep posting these hate-Israel tirades that do no good for anybody, least of all the Palestinians but needlessly divide progressives. Its hard to believe these anti-Israel types really care about human rights for Palestinians since they show no concern for the bad record of human rights under Hamas or the PA or human rights for minorities, women, gays, in Muslim countries. Anyone who truly cares about human rights for Palestinians has to work, not for hate, but for compromise and reconciliation amongst the people of the region, the only way to actually improve lives.

Yeah I thought behind that great music there would be a brilliant thinker, but found out Nugent is just another KKK, lynch mob sympathizer.

How does one “compromise and reconcile” with an illegal occupation army who murders unarmed protestors, and who protects violent settler colonists as they rob, burn and vandalize at will?


Nugent’s best work was as a teenage phenom with the Amboy Dukes—a LO-O-O-ng time ago.

Pls separate the Zionists from the all the others in “Israel”. Solution: One state; Truth Commission; equal rights for all; compensation for the land thefts. The history of the illegal occupation of Palestine by outsiders did not start yesterday; it started more than 100 years ago. Carefully read the Balfour Declaration and what it declares about the “indigenous population” and follow thru with the “reality” of what really has transpired and continues with ongoing brutality.


Shadia Mansour wasn’t invited to the ‘competition.’ I wonder why.

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Roger Waters was on RT’s Going Underground yesterday - he talks mainly about Julian Assange, and also about Venezuela, Bernie Sanders, and the absurd smears of anti-Semitism flung at everyone who points out Israel’s crimes. Three cheers for Roger Waters!


Actually, not a fact, it’s an opinion. But I blame the school system for your ignorance.