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'Rogue Nations Prevail' as US Vetoes UN Attempt to Nullify Trump's Jerusalem Move


'Rogue Nations Prevail' as US Vetoes UN Attempt to Nullify Trump's Jerusalem Move

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's true that Trump just isolated the U.S. for the perceived benefit of Israel: strange behavior for an 'America First' adherent. But it's also true that the US has been isolating itself for decades for the benefit of Israel."


UN showing off to be a paper tiger like always.


Blame the victors of WW2, who wrote the UN’s rules to favor themselves while giving the appearance of inclusivity—I mean, why have a Security Council whose resolutions can be shot down with single veto?


What? Didn’t dear Nikki have any words of wisdom as to what the “Dear Leader’s” motives were for the move or did she just use that big veto stick


This is so true. The UN Charter supports the old ideas of the post-war western world and has had so many issues because of this outdated model…among them the concept that sovereign states can reject interference in their internal affairs, even when committing genocide. Israel has benefited from this sidestepping, and Palestinians have suffered specifically because they do not have nation-state status and have been denied a voice. Yet everyone is complacently sitting around feeling justified in their actions and votes.


Truth! No nation comes close to being as evil as the imperialist amerikan empire!


Is there no procedure available where the UN Assembly can vote on this matter and not just the Security Council?


With Haley declaring that a 14-1 vote against the US was “an insult…which will not be forgotten” it looks like she and her boss want to declare war on the entire world


Nice brief discussion. The whole structure of the UN and the veto process is obsolete. How tragic for us and for everyone else.


With this “Tax Scam Bill” they have already declared war on Working people, so when do us Working people get to declare “real” War on them.

We outnumber them a million to one.