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Rogue States and Nuclear Dangers


Rogue States and Nuclear Dangers

Noam Chomsky

Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Most of the world apparently shares the assessment of the U.S.


Thank you Mr. Chomsky for this excellent summary of the illegitimacy of US Mid-East attitudes and policy.


Give Bernie credit, as he publicly and heartily supports the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5 + 1 nations; he supports it as a way “to give peace a chance.”


It is a pleasure to read a learned scholar, a deeply ethical man like Noam Chomsky. His is a voice of knowledge and sanity, unfortunately, it is much like a voice that rings in the desert. So much of American politics is today guided by money and not by truth, even less by conscience. It is not possible that politicians who pretend to represent the people be so obtuse, or so ignorant, not to understand what is patently clear to the open mind of any intelligent person. There has to be an advantage in denying reality: money and power? Or, plain and simple mass insanity? The deniers are the same no matter the issue: weather, the Middle East, inequality, women’s rights, racism. Thank you Common Dreams for doing your part to educate the public.


Excellent, sagacious article by Mr. Chomsky. No wonder Mr. Chomsky has been marginalized by the corporate MSM!

" A nuclear-weapons free Middle East would be a straightforward way to address whatever threat Iran allegedly poses, but a great deal more is at stake in Washington’s continuing sabotage of the effort to protect its Israeli client."

That Chomsky quote speaks volumes!


“Lindsey Graham has the most foreign experience” Really? Anyone remember his outrage at attending the winter Olympics in Russia. “What if Hitler had the Olympics in Germany,” he asked. “Would the US attend?” Well, Hitler did and we went. I hope his foreign policy knowledge is better than his history.


Thinking back about 8 years to when Iran was about to open its own oil bourse accepting currencies other than the Almighty Petrodollar. Was this what prompted the sanctions using the excuse of a nuclear bomb program? More like a Dollar bomb program.


Bernie also supports Israeli nukes (hence his silence on the subject).


There is/was no Iran nuke weapons program, so the nuke deal with Iran is pure theater mainly for the benefit of Bibi–but Bibi will not be satisfied until Iran commits national suicide (a course I would recommend in the case of Israel to help bring about peace in the ME).


You’ll be pleased to note that British foreign secretary will be visiting Iran this weekend with a truckload of businessmen in tow–while we’re busy shooting ourselves in both feet (and in the head, for good measure).


Really? And your proof of this?

Of course, you have no proof. You’re going to launch into a bunch of nonsense about Bernie supports Israel therefore Bernie supports X, where X is everything wrong with Israel.

There, I’ve saved you the trouble.

No need to thank me.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but my memory is that Iran agreed to a peace treaty with Iraq after Saddam had destabilized the military situation - Iran’s counterattack was slowly proving successful - by using chemical weapons (materials provided by you-know-whom) and the Ayatollah decided it would be un-Islamic to follow suit.

Would that we could be so civilized.


who cares what this hick from the backward state of S.Carolina has to say about anything. His seniority is solely because the rubes in his state can’t fathom an alternative.


I’m with you 100%, Ed. I was just curious why Mr. Chomsky gave him so much credit. I guess he’s saying the rest of the clowns have less than the senator from SC. Scary thought.


Thank YOU, and Shalom.


A conclusion I’ve lingered over for several weeks is slightly different and Noam points the way, but he seemed reluctant to actually spell it out. Were the P5+1 convinced to come to the table partly because Iran resumed enrichment, which by treaty was their right, to the purity needed for the continued operation of its reactors and for medical purposes? So Iran easily came to the table to give up something they did not have and lately have shown no desire to acquire. Not to put too fine a point on it but, in the arena of international diplomacy Iran has outmaneuvered those powers we know are opposed to Iranian normalization. Perhaps the fact that Iran has bested them all is partly what infuriates the hysteRicans and of course, Bibi.


The boiling bombast of the blackest pot


See this USA; we do Empire better!


And ironically Jesse Owens, the USAian sprinter of darker hue beat the blue-eyed blonde pink German hero of the 100yards sprint to come first, to the disgust of one Adolf who thereupon refused to attend. Indeed, the blue-eyed blonde hero who came second then escorted Jesse Owens on a lap of honour at the stadium. There is a moral in there, somewhere.


Thank you Professor Chomsky for clearing things up as you always seem to.

If I may be so bold as to correct a linguist, please replace “liberal” in the negative context with “neoliberal”. No sense in us demonizing ourselves.