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Rollback GOP Tax Giveaway for Corporations If Dems Win Back Congress? Sanders Says: "Absolutely"

Rollback GOP Tax Giveaway for Corporations If Dems Win Back Congress? Sanders Says: "Absolutely"

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Independent senator from says opposition has done everything possible to stop Republicans from ramming through massive tax cuts, he says undoing damage will be crucial moving forward


Joan Walsh coined the phrase: “Must have had a slinky transplant for a backbone.” That is an apt description for the Republican party.


Any reader who thinks that only Republicans have demonstrated “slinky backbones” since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation, please raise your hands.


If the scenario that Bernie describes becomes possible; that will be a real rubber meets the road moment for corporate Democrats as they will actually have to put up or shut up. I suspect many would shill for the goodies their donors / paymasters got in this current tax atrocity lest they loose the opportunity for a lucrative post-government career that their current Republican co-workers seem to angling for.


Had Sanders become POTUS on January 20, the best the 99% could have hoped for is keeping the ship afloat, an accomplishment that would have made him the best POTUS since Carter when you consider the downward sprial Saint Ron and successors have kept us in for so long.


We are long, long, overdue to get rid of this talk of the “middle class”. It is meaningless. “Middle Class” can mean families with incomes of $300K a year with stock portfolios and rapidly increasing Trump-bull-market wealth, residing out in the McMansion belts - Trump and the Republican’s loyal base.

Or, “middle class” can mean a household in a declining older suburb or yet-to-be-gentrified rust belt urban neighborhood earning hourly wages and making no more than $50k a year, very little savings for retirement, with few prospects for improvement - the “middle class” that Sanders was presumably talking about.

The terms we should be using are “bourgeoisie” or some updated synonym, and “working class”. Both can be, statistically, “middle class”, but their economic class-interests are totally different.


Exactly! And why Bernie never had a chance to become POTUS. Bernie was not selected by the 1%.


No we need to do more than “claw back” Bernie. They must feel pain, 50% increase on the 1% and corp’s.
They will think real hard before this happens again.


Does anybody really believe that Schumer and Pelosi are going to step up and help the middle class, workers and the poor? If you do you’re a fool. You’ll be as big a fool as those who voted for Rump!


There is no way that the current power center of the Democratic Party, that I refer to as Corporate State Democrats, will even consider reestablishing what were already effective low tax rates for corporations, with many paying no taxes at all.

Corporate State Democrats will simply move further to the right once again, and none of them actually have a problem with what Trump, Ryan, and the rest of these Corporate State administrators are doing.

They will benefit personally from all of this, and so will their financial networks, professionally, politically, and the rest.

No I’m not attacking all Democrats, but I am attacking the Corporate State Democrats that have run the show now for over 40 years, in regard to where the power lies in that corrupted Party.

Sanders will be up front complaining about it all, and Warren as well. But really, when it comes down to it, he never, ever, challenges directly the corporate servitude of the Corporate State Democrats.

They will all get their tax breaks, benefit in the stock market, and enjoy even more power, where it counts to them.

The good Democrats will submit yet more proposals to be shelved by the Corporate State Democratic leadership.

When one just looks at the historic level of disparity of incomes, and the fact this trajectory started way back in the early 80s, and when one looks at where this nation has gone relative to USA Empire, then of course it is damn obvious that this devastation is not at the hands of just one party.



This Sanders interview reveals, perhaps more than most, what an utter tool his naivete wrt the Democratic party has led him to be.

No, there will not be some grand socialist “clawback” of plutocrats’ wealth under the rule of the other wing of the corporate party. There will be sweeter rhetoric, yes.

US society just never, ever learns.


Some of the problem I see is the one that former Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett points out:

The GOP knows what it’s doing with this wreckless tax bill. Some of it can be rolled back via the budget in the next Congress though, unless Trump wants to shut everything down. I have no doubt he will.


I have no doubt that there will be movement among some in the Democratic Party to propose rolling back the tax cuts (although any such legislation passed by any midterm Democratic majority in the House and Senate, would of course be milquetoast at best), and that Trump of course would veto any such legislation passed.

The 40 year trajectory is obvious. Corporate power has taken over both parties, and until that FACT is challenged, the game of duopoly will continue.

And just think how much more money these Corporate State Democrats will have personally from these tax cuts. How the money coming at them from corporate lobbies will increase. Think of how little pain these Corporate State Democrats will actually feel from a Trump Administration. Stocks up, more money in the bank, and more excuses to take more corporate cash.

Must be rough when they have to take a break from all of that fighting for the little people, at some DC restaurant that has no prices on the menu.


Money can’t buy democracy.

Direct Democracy

Yes, the fake opposition war party does a good job at telling people what they want to hear and believe!

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But that would mean reviving long disused terms that are an anathema to the American corporate press (insert hearty sarcastic snort here).

Maybe wreckful tax bill should be the phrase.

Just checked on my hands. They seem to be just dangling there…

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Actually, maybe I’m totally unrealistic, but, I thought that the idea is for the Democrats to get a veto-proof majority in Congress next year.

Yeah, way too optimistic. Especially as with no party discipline, the large number of right wing Democrats will sabotage the whole effort even if they get a 2/3 majority.


If memory serves, several polls before the election had Sanders beating Trump.
Just like the Republican pols are (with utter predictability) putting party over country, so too did the Democratic leadership.