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Rolling Back the Police State


Rolling Back the Police State

Kevin Alexander Gray

We’ve heard the lie before.

When accused murderer and former North Charleston Patrolman Michael Thomas Slager’s lawyer said his client “felt threatened,” it wasn't his life that had been threatened. What was threatened was his sense of authority. Sometimes, that can be the beginning of a life-ending escalation.


Just the fact that police officers have to carry body cams speaks volumes about how trustworthy they are as a group. yes, exceptions granted. I don’t trust them at all, because you never know when that armed individual getting out of the vehicle behind you is going to attack you and maybe kill you.


We should remember that, of the ca 800,000 cops in the USA, some 99.7% of them will live to collect the wonderful, military-style half-pay-for-life pension after 20 years (i.e., from about age 42) unless they die from a non-cop-specific cause.

They achieve that nearly-certain reward by killing us rather than “putting their lives on the line” for us as their propaganda claims.