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Rolling the 'R'


Rolling the 'R'

Christopher Brauchli

Instruction: To successfully make the R sound, curl the tongue upward without touching the top portion of the mouth. You should also curl the sides of the tongue upward so it is very close to the upper molars. In this position, make a roaring sound like a lion forcing air out of the nose and mouth at the same time.
—Talk English.com


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Sorry to say, but even in the "Queen's English" the "r" is pronounced in a sort-of half-rolled way. Only in the USA - land of contrariness against all practical convention, is it pronounced with lips puckered like one is blowing bubblegum** - it is by far the hardest US-English phonetic sound for another speaker to master.

**with the exception of dying dialects of the "Mainah's" and other parts of New England and the SE Coastal Plain (i.e. like Jimmy Carter's speech)


Yes, but the Scotts, being white Europeans, would not elicit that jingoist response from the fine, fine citizens of Phoenix (or any other xenophobic corner of this scab of a nation.)


Brits seem to turn the letter "A"- when at the end of A word, into an "R" As in Americer or Canader....


Old joke: What do you call a person who speaks 3 languages? Tri-lingual. A person who speaks 2 languages? Bi-lingual. A person who speaks 1 language? American.


As an outside visitor, I get that impression about California too. With all its places and features having Spanish names, why do all its inhabitants speak midwestern-US-English? The exception, of course are its original, half-Spanish-half-indigenous settlers, who are treated as an underclass.


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