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Rom a Concert in Las Vegas to a Funeral in Yemen, We Must Stop Mass Murder


rom a Concert in Las Vegas to a Funeral in Yemen, We Must Stop Mass Murder

Medea Benjamin

While we try to steer the domestic conversation to the need for gun control, we should also be seeking to end the massive flow of US weapons to Saudi Arabia that is wreaking such carnage.


Let’s rename our country, A-moron-ica, to reflect just how stupid we are.

We keep voting for the same two morally and ethically corrupt political parties year after year, breeding these so-called politicians that care more about money than their fellow man.

We need to take a flamethrower to Washington DC, and burn it to the ground as there is no governance there, only selfish thievery.

I get why many in this country refuse to vote or get involved. They see the masses as mindless automatons that care nothing for anyone but themselves.

WTFU A-Moron-ica!

We are killing ourselves and other mercilessly and nothing is changing.


The Nevada massacre was horrible, but the USA government is doing this multiple times a day, in multiple countries … and no one cares !!!


“The bombing of the funeral home in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, was a war crime carried out by a close US ally, Saudi Arabia, with the indispensable help of the United States.”

When nations quit thinking with an ego, perhaps things will change. However, when people can be indoctrinated to worship a piece of cloth, they can be co-opted into all sorts of atrocities.

Exhibit A:


Mostly, no one knows, because there is jiggle and wiggle to keep there minds pacified.


We have both worked for decades to end wars, drone attacks, and gun violence, police shootings. I really wonder how you keep it up, working so hard every single day it seams, when none of our efforts have curtailed any of this violence. What else can we do besides marching, signing petitions, donating to peace organizations, working for moderate candidates, meeting with our representatives…?


That’s all it is anymore thanks to the Duopolys dirty deeds of Death and Human Suffering…

…a piece of cloth representative of the horrors mankind has within itself.


Blow up the Duopoly for starters.

Teach your children well, educate them how to recognize Evil and the men that profit from it.


You bring up some good points on the apparent impossibility of it all. In the 60s we had some leaders that could have led us down a course that was anti-colonial, anti-militarist and for lifting up humanity. These people were murdered by the forces who control today. Of course I’m talking about MLK, Malcolm X, JFK, RFK and people like Fred Hampton. After all of the protests and division about Vietnam - who did the people elect - Richard Nixon.

The U.S. is seeped in a history of violence and slavery. We can never quite come to terms with the fact that these people doing the killing - are Americans. Yes, our fellow Americans but for the record they are lone nuts. How many acts of violence before we realize that we have not only a gun problem but a people problem? And, of course, when the killing is done overseas out of sight - it is minimized or ignored. Look at what the country did to Chelsea Manning when she wanted to tell the truth about the violence in Iraq. Oh, and domestically it seems to be ok to much of the population when a cop kills a black man for no cause. We also are one of the few nations that uses capital punishment. We have a national character problem which is manifested in violence. When the main purpose of much of the U.S. is making money and acquiring things, it will be very difficult to face what we need to to end this craziness.


" We must demand that Congress act to stop the US support for mass murder in Yemen." Medea

Congress has cowardly condoned a plethora of egregious and illegal murders in countless countries, for many years all over the world. And unfortunately no matter what we demand, Congress, with a few exceptions, like Paul Wellstone, sold out the American people a long time ago! And has condoned fascism and been nothing but a rubber stamp for what MLK said: “is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” .

Medea, it is commendable what you and code pink are doing, but please realize that America is not a democracy…but a plutocratic, corportocracy backed by it’s mercenary, fascist, military.


Liked your post. The video made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.


reader, you have hit the nail squarely on the head…


As the empire that was imperialist amerika slide into the abyss of failed empires the people cried out;
“Why, what did we do?”
And the answer echoed down the blood soaked corridors of time…“Because You did Not care!”


Any nation that exports violence, death and destruction must accept the bad Karma that goes with such egregious activity. Of course, there will be blow back.