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Romney & Trump: Birds of a Feather

Romney & Trump: Birds of a Feather

Christopher Brauchli

A great devotee of the gospel of Getting On.
— G.B. Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession

He’s back. It’s the same old Romney we’ve known over the years. And his reemergence is reassurance. We know what to expect. Mr. Trump, as even his best friends acknowledge, is a man without principle and thanks to recent events, we are reminded that Mr. Romney is similarly bereft. Historical episodes abound.

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C’mon Thor, just two bolts–I won’t ask for anything else, I promise.


Here is proof of lack of intelligence. These men should not hold any office.

Romney knows that there is some overlap between his base and the horribly mindfucked Trumpsters. Navigating the mindfield of rejecting Trump;s endorsement and showing a spine would entail nuancing too many positions, derision from the Trump backing media like Fox and Sinclair, and constantly spending energy and money to make his case and the raise the money.

This is just much easier. After all he did not make all that money to live a life of difficulty. He no longer knows how to fight. He only knows what people of such means do - bullying and collusion.


While the comparison shows that both will say whatever it takes to get what they want I think only Trump is a fascist in the sense and truth has no meaning to him. I don’t think Romney changes facts the way Trump does. Trump will change crime statistics to claim the country is more dangerous. I think Romney would draw the line on changing statistics. But this type of thing is common in politics, particularly in Republican politics. How did Christie endorse Trump after the horrible things he said about Trump? Christie was also hoping for a position in the Trump administration and didn’t get it. How did Ted Cruz endorse Trump; after what he said about him? How did Marco Rubio endorse Trump following his trashing of Trump? Only John Kasch and Jeb Bush of the major candidates demonstrated any integrity when it came to Trump. Neither endorsed him. Trump however is different. He is a white supremacist and is closely associated with the alt-right. Trump is clear threat to democracy and stands out as the worst of all the Republicans.


Republicans lie. Water is wet. News at eleven.

Well now, Christopher Brauchli has another romp through clover, ridiculing both The Donald and the “Mittster” at the same time. (Which is akin to calling those afflicted with cerebral palsy “clumsey”). Now of course the same could have been said about Chameleons Obama and Hillary what’s-her-name?, but that would not have been “politically correct” for this blog or any sensible Harvard graduate.

Romney is somewhat more reasonable than Trump. In truth, he is far more comparable to Hillary Clinton.


They really are not cut from the same cloth. Romney has always maintained political ambitions, which have always made his positions malleable–like Clinton. Even this old lefty has a grudging respect for the man; despite his history of capital vulturism and association with the GOP, he operates within the letter law (not necessarily the spirit), and actually possesses some measure of a moral code.

Recognizing that all politicians lie, Trump has neither been a reliable trustworthy partner in any business arrangement, nor in his marriages and personal relationships. He just lies about anything and everything on purpose, by habit or personality defect, and with or without malice aforethought. Romney’s successful leadership of the 2002 Winter Olympic games unified Utahns and brought him accolades from Republican and Democratic leaders alike. He’s got “unity” credentials. Trump, on the other hand is a proven divider, and his vulgar personna isn’t playing well with chaste Utahns–the Republican majority for sure.

Romney’s lies are the standard ones told and practiced by numerous politicians, but he’s recognized as a very solid businessman among his peers, a man who can be trusted to hold up his end of the bargain. Post-Trump, I think the Utah GOP just might go for him, despite their latest contributions to the nation’s undoing have been Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz, not to mention the perennial bedsores, Senator Orrin Hatch and Rep. Rob Bishop–all to the right of Romney.

Not the same cloth at all, but Romney is no silver lining either. Still this Utahn prefers him to Hatch and Trump, and actually hopes he makes it through the GOP nominating process, because only a Republican can win a statewide election in Utah, and unfortunately Romney at the moment appears to be the cream of the crop. (I’m blanching, because he doesn’t really live here and I couldn’t imagine uttering these words a few months ago.)