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Ron Johnson's Ready to Wreck the Postal Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/23/ron-johnsons-ready-wreck-postal-service


Johnson isn’t “playing” a fool, he is a fool.


Now the GOP has a week of unendurable infomercials immediately scheduled, much of the blather directly focused on blaming the collapse of reliable postal service on the Democrats. By next week it’ll be clear to everyone the Post Office can’t be relied on anymore for prompt delivery of anything. US Americans will get very impatient with this disaster, and looking for a target at which to direct their anger.

The “no big deal” theme DeJoy & the GOP deployed last week won’t sell for long, as even moronic Republican pollsters will soon realize – ergo the impending shift to blaming the Democrats (count on it: three, two, one…) The question will be whether it works, or whether the desperate gambit to destroy the Post Office winds up a bad bet for the mobsters in charge.


Apt summary of Johnson a life-long toady and sycophant of Wall Street
and Trump. Great piece of prose too: the phrase characterizing Johnson
as a valet for crooked Donald can be extended to the entire GOP. Thank


When will facts and truths win? lamestreet media just does he says/she says with no analysis of truth and facts or looking at historical stats.


I still can’t fathom why Wisconsin voters opted to replace Russ Feingold with a fascist POS like Ron Johnson. Stupid move, Cheeseheads! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I realize you Trump bots who infiltrate social media are
engaged in obfuscations; but for everyone else reading
the facts, i.e., the current Postmaster General is a super
donor to Trump (does conflict of interest come to mind?),
machines have been removed thus slowing the mail; overtime
cut; Trump bots don’t deal in facts, they engage in meme,
hyperbole, and galactic stupidity.


“Meme and hyperbole” require way more cognitive effort than Trump bots have a gram of interest in expending. The GOP and Trump have operated with 100% sound bites at least going back to Newt’s contract on murka a quarter century ago.

Few days have passed since 1/20/17 that we have not seen an additional blatant example of “conflict of interest” in the Trump regime.

DeJoy and Johnson are decoys and focusing on them ignores the entire GOP’s (and complicit Dimcritters) half century progress running USPS into the ground.


We now live in a nation where “intelligence” is not required in choosing who you wish to represent you in Congress.

It seems that the main determining factor in making your choice, is which of the two “Corporate Warmongering Political Parties” you’ve chosen to be addicted to supporting from your “political birth to death.”

Support for those who have spent their life fighting for bringing equality to the masses, is just a pipedream.


@wudangmountain, what bizarro reality are you living in where you are either calling or inferring that @jujudahl is a “Trump bot”?


ship him off to Russia :slight_smile: Wisconsin will thank you…
Remember when Ron Johnson was part of that envoy to Russia in 2018? check out an article in Roll Call July 9 2018.


"“Mr. DeJoy has used his time as Postmaster General to sabotage the United States Postal Service (USPS) and he must be removed immediately to protect this critical institution,” they point out. “Despite recent claims by Mr. DeJoy that implementation of certain changes may be delayed, he has already done considerable damage to the institution and we believe his conflicts of interest are insurmountable.”

"Those conflicts of interest are political and personal."

“Mr. DeJoy holds a significant investment in his former company, XPO Logistics, a USPS contractor. Since becoming Postmaster General, he has also invested tens of thousands of dollars in stock options in another USPS contractor and competitor,” the letter notes. “Both investments represent a tremendous conflict of interest. We cannot trust that Mr. DeJoy will act in the best interest of the USPS or the people who rely on it.”

"DeJoy is also a major donor to Trump’s campaign and to Republican causes, which is as good an explanation as any for why Ron Johnson is praising the worst postmaster general in American history."

I do hope that John Nichols and his collaborator in Media Studies critical thinking, Robert McChesney have noticed that over the week-end NPR’s various news reporting and public affairs programming has ceased referring to Louis DeJoy’s conflicts of interest, either political or personal. Even more distressing since we have reason to expect more from the BBC is that Public Interest broadcaster’s decision to cease contextualizing their hourly news bulletins with any mention of the U.S. Postmaster’s known conflicts of interest.

I no longer monitor much commercial broadcast news and public affairs as there is no point observing rules of fairness and accuracy when FCC regulation has been stripped bare in compliance with Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Pay2Play doctrine and dogma of maximizing efficiencies. But NPR and its TV counterpart PBS not only run on corporate underwriting, they do also use tax-payer funding. We who seek a Public Interest broadcast service in these United States should be as vocal and pressurizing as the Koch Brothers who made sure PBS did not air an independently produced documentary account of the history of that feudal family’s accumulation of wealth over generations, examining their clientele such as the 20th Century’s worst genocidal misleaders and World War fomenters in Stalin and Hitler. The Koch family has written extensively of their decisions to sell their family company’s oil services and chemical technological expertise to such clients. We just can’t learn about it over our national non-commercial broadcaster!

We in the U.S. are no longer a developing nation and in competing with other nations in global markets the competitive advantage goes to nation-states that use the marvelous tools of Mass Communications to provide such a Public Interest broadcaster insulated from Market Forces that can properly and fairly inform their body politic and also provide STEM education so that anti-scientific waves of charlatanism do not migrate from those who would choose to place their faith in such mis-leaders (and any democracy must guarantee the right of the voters to make bad choices and err in policy-making) and infect our republic’s informed consent of our elected representatives’ legislative actions and enforcement policies.

When is the last time any corporate-captured broadcaster in these United States could freely discuss the structuring of our national broadcast system?

We can still do that on campuses, thankfully, and this important opinion piece by John Nichols and the work at the University of Illinois (before that U. of Wisconsin) by invaluable academic partner Robert McChesney in Media Studies should be accessible through what used to exist in this nation, a National Educational broadcast system.

Regrettably the LBJ cave-in to decades of valid criticism of our exclusively Pay2Play advertiser\PR dominated air waves back in 1967 gave way to the creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB = NPR + PBS dba Public Relations Broadcasting System) which devoured and digested to ill effect some wonderful educational programming regionally and locally by those NET stations (National Educational Television).

Much that was preserved (for educational purposes) can be seen archived at the Museum of Broadcasting and much of which is posted to U. of Tube or YouTube’s monopoly service via You Tube’s owner Google and Google parent corporate Surveillance bid-net model ALPHABET LLC:

I’d use those services and the internet and your public library and book-shops when the pandemic clears enough for them to re-open and get former Harvard Business School social psychologist Shoshana Zuboff’s monumental career’s (largely not considered news-worthy by our plethora of corporate endowed Business programming and Business press) work, published last year after her retirement from the elite institution where her work was belittled by Presidential Financial Advisor to both political parties in our duopoly Lawrence Summers during his time as Harvard’s President (2001-2006) and House of Clinton U.S. Treasury Secretary after serving as Chief Economist of the U.S.-funded World Bank. Mr Summers is currently the Biden team’s Chief Financial Adviser (he has served the Reagan-Bush administration and every White House since) a gent whose conflicted interests, both personal and political surely exceed even those of our Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and those of virtually every cabinet and Public Service appointee of this current President. As well as exceeding those personal and political conflicted interests of his two recent predecessors in the Bush-Cheney administrations and the Wall Street Apex Predator-packed cabinets of Obama-Biden that Mr Summers served as Chief Gate-Keeper guarding access to.

The recent books and 2 decades of work by Prof Dr Zuboff that never much merited consideration from Larry Summers and those conflicted interests (personal and political), or much interest at the World Bank or from our elected legislators and nominal enforcers of the Anti-Trust\Anti-Corporate Competition laws on our books since Teddy Roosevelt’s Trust Buster era, and certainly not much attention from our corporate-captured Business Media? Shoshana Zuboff’s In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power and The Support Economy: Why Corporations Are Failing Individuals and the Next Episode of Capitalism, co-authored with James Maxmin. The most recent Zuboff book and the one that is currently persuading the European Union, Canada along with the rest of North, Central and South America save for Washington sphere of influence to enforce Anti-Trust\Anti-Competitive laws on the books in the rest of the Global trade zones we the U.S. compete in? The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.

Common Dreams and The Intercept teamed up a couple years back at the time of its publication to host an online net-cast of a Town Hall\Public Forum to discuss the implications of Zuboff’s and Klein’s works that converge on the reactive principle of SHOCK DOCTRINE(s) co-hosted by former Market Economic advocate Prof Dr Zuboff and Canadian academic\journalist Naomi Klein whose affiliations are with Democratic Socialism. Those Cold War rivalries have been taught a lesson by the unchallenged ascendance of the New Feudal Order of the Lords of HI FInance\Life Sciences\Tech\Telecomm and World Monopolization of natural resources and extractive global markets. They no longer represent much of a chasm or divergence in world views when faced with the current Global Dominance of Oligarchy, Pay2Play governing Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines and dogmas with the resurgence of a global cartel of Robber Barons not seen since the early 20th Century and most destructive period of the Industrial Revolution.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Psalm Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion Look-See List


While this may be true of a lot of people here in the US there are still a lot of Independents, which is who the candidates go after in tight races (which they all seem to be nowadays). This tells me that there are still people here who try to make the best choice - usually the one that best aligns with their values.

As someone who has only voted for a democratic presidential candidate once (bill clinton the first time around) I still think if we let trump get another term we as progressives will be much worse off, and will have even fewer bargaining chips than we have now in the long run.

Just look at all the damage trump has done to our republic in less than four years. Four more years of him will mean four more years of destruction to our environment, our freedom of speech, our safety net programs, our postal service, and four more years of little immigrant children being stripped away from their parents at the border and housed in lice-infested dog kennels in abandoned wal-marts.


Hi jujudahI:
sigh----- I agree. I wonder what wiII make the NY Times truly pay attention to reaIity?
Oh of course--------- when no one reads their paper anymore, as they have lost the point of news and now speciaIize in views!
I wonder how much $ Ron Johnson has invested in DeJoy’s alternative deIivery. Maybe Mr. DeJOy shIoud divest himself of aII other carriers, so as to focus on the USPS which America can actually afford to use. : 0


You have either confused the target, of your comment, or it is so obtuse as to be unintelligible, or you have no idea who @jujudahl is and what she stands-for, and she is no bot
The jujudahl comment you are apparently responding to said nothing to inspire such a reply from you; it did castigate the corporate media for gross stupidity and failure to inform the public truthfully and fully. … fighting among ourselves accomplishes nothing except serve trump & co. Peace.




There are many good things about America. The Republican mentality is not one of them.


The Democrats should be unearthing from the dusty scrap heap of 2006, H.R. 6407 - which in pertinent part, requires the USPS to pre-fund the retirement of its employees seventy-five years in advance.

Am guessing as to why they don’t do this: Some of them voted for it.


On the other side of Lake Michigan, Rep. Mark Bergman is another of Trump’s puppets. Says the USPS just needs to save money; reduce expenses.



You don’t have to convince me that Trump has to go.

He never had a single qualification for the job and has proven he never will.

There are no good choices this time again.

Only lesser evil.

Evil is always going to be evil.

This is and has been American politics for many decades.

It would be nice to see some positive movement towards equality for all before I die.

I can only hope the People of this country are willing to stand up for it, and demand it like others do around the world.

No one’s coming to save us. We must save ourselves.