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Ronald Reagan’s Racism Should Come as No Surprise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/31/ronald-reagans-racism-should-come-no-surprise


This is all true, but it’s just as important, perhaps even moreso, to call out the thinly disguised racism of mainstream Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, who called African-American youth 'super-predators; & carried water for the grotesquely racist 1994 crime bill, which is the foundation for 25 years of mass incarceration of African-Americans. Nor should we forget Ms Clinton & her aides slyly promoting the idea that Barack Obama was a Muslim during her 2008 presidential bid.

Then of course, there is the overtly race-baiting Joe Biden, who, if the right secret tapes are ever found, might just make Reagan seem like an SJW in comparison.

The point is that Democrats use the blatant racism of Republicans to effectively hold hostage US minorities and their allies.

But in this day & age, is being 30% less racist sufficient? That’s like reducing your dose of poison by 30%.


lol seriously, an author of a hagiography pretends shock at discovering what everyone knew already in 1980? Unreal.

Maybe we should ask for the opinion of the author of, Reagan: An Enormous American Penis All Men Wish They Had.

Having lived during those first years of one racist stereotype after another–slurs that are still effecting policy all these years later, you can safely say, yeah, Reagan was a racist a-hole with a high degree of confidence.


That the Biographer of Ronald Reagan is shocked and taken aback by the fact Reagan was a racist is also par for the course. I doubt he shocked at all. Its the job of these guys to sanitize past Presidents so as to continue to perpetuate the Myth that the United States of America stands for “freedom liberty and justice”.

The anecdote of George Wasgington admitting to chopping down a cherry tree was also something made up out of nothing. At the funeral of George H W Bush they went out of their way to sanctify the thug.


I’m shocked…shocked!..to find racism permeating American politics.


American history is one big racist coverup.


It’s all true about Hillary. I’ve never understood why the right seemed to think she was some sort of closet Bolshevik when she has spent most of her career attacking everybody to her Left, even everybody to her left within the Democratic Party. And her silent acceptance of the racist, sexist, classist and punitive “welfare reform” bill Bill signed-at a ceremony where he posed two black single mothers on welfare next to him, in exactly the posture slaves were placed in on the auction block-should have cost her the African-American vote for the rest of eternity. It still makes no sense that she swept that vote after never doing a damn thing for the antiracist cause. And it still makes no sense that she carried the LGBTQ vote when she’d fence sat on that cause until her declaration of support was too late to have made any difference in any major battle.

Not sure why her record on that matters this year, though, when Hillary’s political career is over and she’s in political oblivion.

In real life, he probably made one of daddy’s slaves chop it down, then had daddy whip the slave for it.

Rayguns trip to Mississippi was worse than the story brings out. Yes Philadelphia is close to where the 3 civil rights workers were killed, but this is where Raygun began his run for the oval office, not just a stop along the way. His speech was delivered at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds, quite possibly the most racist county supported fair in the country. Anyone who lives in the south new exactly what that meant.

Generally I have found that the greater the propensity to lie about a given person so as to spin that person into a positive light , the larger the crimes they try to hide.

This can be found on the Old Testament as well where the writers claimed themselves as “Gods chosen people” , that this God came down and spoke directly to them , that this god gave Moral instructions such as “Thou shalt not Kill” while buried in that same text is the admitting that mass genocide committed against peoples that lived in the same area that this supposed GOD did not favor.

In fact there many parallels between the founding of the United States of America and the described founding of that supposed Kingdom Of Judea and then Israel. Both came about through genocide of a lands original inhabitants by a people claiming themselves as exceptional or chosen.

Racism has a long and sordid history.

She was after all an ex Goldwater Republican. From my perspective ( I am Canadian) she is to the right of many that we deem as Conservatives here in Canada.

Oddly enough many here In Canada were fascinated by Bill Clinton , even those who would call themselves as progressives. They thought his political views close to their own and would line up to pay tens of thousands to hear him speak. I could never understand that. He had good press.

Is it “historical amnesia”

Or historical amenability?

USAmerica’s Racism Should Come as No Surprise

Neither Spitz or anybody else ever needed to drill down to find Saint Ron’s racist legacy. Just look at the unending media coverage of his urban legend about the hordes of black welfare queens across the US cranking out kids so they could live lives of luxury on welfare. This myth was designed to obscure the rampant growth of corporate welfare, especially for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that Ron championed.

More evidence that the detestable Reagan was racist is the fact that he opened his 1980 campaign in Philadephia, MS, the place where three civil rights workers were murdered and buried in the 1960s. That was an overt act of pandering to the legions of racists that were part of the Republican South and that continue to this day.
Fuck Ronnie the Raygun. He was an appalling president whom his current supporters practically worship and refer to the Ole Gipper as the greatest American president ever. Nothing could be further from the truth. I also detested the week-long media spectacle after he died. It was nauseating. You can be sure that when Jimmy Carter dies there will be no such lengthy commemoration. Republicans were just as deluded about Reagan as they are now about Trump. Both of them are reprehensible.

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I am not the least bit surprised about Reagan;s comments. Anyone who is is an idiot who simply has not paid attention and quite frankly needs to stfu cause they are just part of the problem. Everything we know about Reagan indicates he was a racist. What gets me is that those who had the footage kept it hidden out of respect for him? Seriously? To protect a racist POS? Good grief, I have lost all hope in humanity.

Maybe his Mommy made him do it.

Reagan belongs to America’s Hall of Shame!!!