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Roof, Dear and Tashfeen Malik: ‘Self-Radicalized,’ ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Lone Wolf’ and Double Standards


Roof, Dear and Tashfeen Malik: ‘Self-Radicalized,’ ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Lone Wolf’ and Double Standards

Juan Cole

Federal officials are now investigating the San Bernardino massacre as an “act of terrorism” rather than just workplace violence.


If a Muslim does the same atrocities as a Christian, all the Muslims are automatically painted with the same brush as...terrrrrrorists! Case in point; Timothy McVeigh was never called a Christian terrorist. People that attack and murder doctors in abortion clinics are never called Christian terrorists. We have Islamophobia; why not Christianophobia?


Those that kill innocent, unarmed people are cowards, fanatics or lunatics. Would they try if those innocent people were openly armed and could defend themselves? Armed lunatics in the military and police departments don't shoot each other. They shoot mostly defenseless civilians it seems.

If governments want to stop these massacres, they need to stop the likes of FOX from the fear mongering that incites these people to violence.

One best way to stop the massacres is to prosecute FOX for incitement to violence and pull the broadcast license of every fear mongering, warmongering MSM outlet.


You raise an important point. There is a growing double standard here ...as certain people are branded terrorist and others not. People are converting Islam into something to be fearful of. We must remember that there have been three Great Messengers sent to this world, each bearing a great message to advance humanity and human civilization. These Great Messengers being: The Buddha, The Jesus, and The Muhammad. Each of these Great Messengers bearing gifts for all of humanity. Islam has much to offer to all of humanity (M.V. Summers) but certain elements of humanity are trying to use Islam to divide humanity instead of to bring all of humanity together. We will need to bring all of humanity together to respond to the great problems of Earth, climate change disruption for one, instead of dividing it. War begets War and Peace begets Peace.


The fear mongering against Muslims is working, perhaps that is the plan.


Here is your answer. It's profound and lays it all out as few do:


Thank you. I would add Krishna as another Great Messenger.


Thank you for the video. As usual, Mr. Hedges hits the nail on its head!


Why is it we never seem to get a full understanding of the motivation behind these killings.These are people deciding to end their lives. In the recent shooting the couple (yes a women mass murderer) had a new baby,so much dose not add up. Its interesting how the mantra of gun control starts to ring hollow. Why do we live in such a violent "society"? And gun violence and killings happening on a daily basis in a neighborhood-isn't this real terrorism-yet the media ignores this violence-why?because they are poor neighborhoods.

And when people like Hillary Clinton vote to bomb a country that never attacked the US.Bombs dropping on cities in Iraq-isn't this terrorism? How could Hillary Clinton be considered a serious candidate for president with all the repercussions of her vote to invade Iraq?


Pretty sure I don't agree that censorship and further abrogation of the freedom of press provision of our quaint constitution is the correct solution. Instead of further dilution of those neglected provisions, we ought to be demanding far more adherence to them and open up the broadcasting spectrum to a wider range of voices and restore the equal time requirement and expand it so it not only applies to federal candidates but to policy issues as well.


Shantiananda- thank you. There have been many Messengers and Prophets sent to this world. They are sent during times of great crises and opportunity. They are sent to prepare, protect and to teach humanity. It has been over 1400 years since the last Great Messenger, The Muhammad was sent to this world. If one considers the great state of our world at this time with the many dangers threatening humanity on a global scale encompassing climate instability, environmental degradation, ecosystem collapse, economic instability, social systems imploding, war escalation, one has to wonder what is needed to turn humanity away from its current path of business as usual to a path forward for humanity. It is times such as these that call for a New Messenger....and one has been sent, the call has been answered. (Summers, MV).


I'm sorry RazedAwareness, I do not share your conclusion of "sent" messangers, of "divine" prophets, nor of "revealed" truth. Perhaps I'm reading more into what you posted than what you intended. The following paragraphs I wrote over 15 years ago to try to get at the heart of a counter idea:

"I condemn no person for their honestly held beliefs concerning the two great mysteries of life, yet I will challenge any who demand universal obedience and servitude to any particular vision of the ultimate truths. What the great geniuses of faith have successfully linked, I will attempt to un-link. Responsible moral and ethical behavior; practicing friendly manners such as patience and tolerance; sharing resources while respecting common boundaries; these are universally admired traits across all cultural heritages. All of these aspects of our humanness make us strong and successful, yet all of these behaviors and most other of the “good” features of our natures become reverently ascribed to, and dictated by, something which is superior and beyond us. It seems to me now, as I consider it, needless, but I can understand that during the crisis and response that forged each great belief system, the invocation of a power beyond the meagerness and frailty of human expertise gave hope that order and continuance were the true nature of this existence.

Where are the miracles and revelations of old that attended the fortunes of the prophets and saviors? Ancient accounts of miraculous deeds and divinely inspired revelations owe as much to the inscrutability of the distant past as they do to centuries of reinforcing tradition. I sincerely acknowledge the genius of the great religious founders, but I will not concede that their ideas were the result of divinely intervened gifts of revelation or that any one of them were other than you and I – human. As I have already said, this thought gives me great comfort and hope."

By regarding "prophets" or in your terminology "messengers" as other than human, or to cut to the chase as "supernatural," to my mind cheapens and dilutes what these visionaries truly accomplished. If they are truly "sent" from a "higher and better" place then they are not flawed humans and they have no choice but to bring a message that mere mortals could not possibly surmise on our own. No, I don't buy it. Everything that has been written, both sacred and profane, comes from the hearts and minds of human beings. That we mere humans can imagine and codify what is good is what truly inspires hope.

If I have misconstrued your beliefs I apologize.


Can't help noticing if at least two of these so-called 'great messengers' had kept their mouths shut we wouldn't be having all this terrorism and inter-religious conflict. If only they'd took up gardening and brewing their own beer instead. Can't help noticing either, how gullible and ready to follow much of humanity is. Enough to make this reader sigh. If only they didn't have those traits, the world would probably be a lot more peaceful.


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I completely agree. What I wrote was part of a larger and more ambitious endeavor that in the end I realized was just a restatement of secular humanism. For the purpose I hoped to accomplish I wanted to try to avoid dismissing or belittling the beliefs of the religiously faithful. It's hard to get someone to listen to what you're saying if you are (figuratively) bashing them over the head. I hoped to draw the faithful in. Religious faith has served a purpose as an organizing idea in a large swath of humanity over space and time. A "faith" of a certain nature is fundamental to continuance; my purpose was to try to convince that much religious faith is misattributed.

Was it Einstein who said: "If I've seen further than others it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants" ? Now there's a person esteemed almost "religiously" by many who was firmly grounded in truth and humility.


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There are always the very rare exceptions you mention. We see examples of the other argument increasingly now. It has been extremely difficult to disarm Americans. We could talk about harm reduction. Counterintuitively, open carry achieves that.


I agree with your sentiment. That seems ideal but would require difficult systemic changes such as breaking up media monopolies, getting the money out of politics, changing the conservative Congress and SCOTUS and placing progressives in charge, and many more. Progressives won't have a megaphone until these things are attended to. Meanwhile, FOX and the MSM constantly lie, deceive, spread fear and incite violence to profit, crimes that could be prosecuted to stop the killings.