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Rouhani Says Iran Prepared to 'Confront America's Plots' If Trump Ditches Nuclear Deal


Rouhani Says Iran Prepared to 'Confront America's Plots' If Trump Ditches Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the deadline for U.S.


Why should we believe anything Rouhani says? His country invaded and bombed Iraq, destroyed Libya, bombed Syria to hell and is helping destroy Yemen.

Oh wait, that was us. My bad…


You missed a few countries there but these are enough to be going on with.


The bottom line: any diplomatic solution defeats the war profiteers and war mongers purpose of regime change in Iran.


Okay, in 1962 the Soviets placed both strategic and tactical nukes in Cuba and they lied about it. Why? Because the US had placed nukes in Turkey that were targeted at the Soviet Union. The Persians in Iran claim they have no nukes or ambitions to develop them. They are lying. Why?

To their east is Afghanistan that has been overrun by US and NATO forces for going on 18 years. To their west is Iraq that was invaded and over run by the US and NATO. To their southwest is Israel led by the impudent Netanyahu which has nukes and is the snotty puppet of the US. Now the US is sassing Iran about pulling out of the agreement and satisfied with nothing less than regime change in Iran (like in Afghanistan and Iraq).

Now compare the treatment of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran to that of North Korea. The main difference is that North Korea has nukes and the means to deliver them far and wide. They also have a neighbor to the south that does not wish to be immolated by North Korea’s artillery or armies. So now President Blundering big mouth is suddenly hailing the possibility of peace with those to whom he was promising shock and awe. The lesson is this: having nukes and the willingness to use them changes the way you are treated by the US.


True, as far as it goes, but there’s more. If the Iranians are smart, they’ll move their oil—of which, by the way, North Korea has none—under somebody else’s country soon.


Meanwhile, the absolute, 100 percent, blanket US-media blackout on the Trump/Black Cube Israel scandal continues.

However, with perfect timing, the AP issued a report this morning about rampant “anti Semitism” on Twitter. Of course, any talk about Israel’s ties to this scandal, like all criticism of the state of Israel is, of course, “anti-Semitism.”


The US is not bombing Syria to hell, Assad and Russia are.


The North Korea threat was and is totally bogus. A setup to pull out of the Iran deal. The American people are powerless to stop the warmongering. That is reality and who could disagree?


Ah yes I remember all those Russian and Assad Tomahawk missiles bombing those Assad and Russia allied targets, including the capital of Damascus.


The only part I would say someone could disagree is the “American people are powerless”. I think it is more like they could have the power but they do not have the will to mobilize in a mass movement.


**“We want to preserve our peaceful nuclear technology for electricity, medicine, agriculture, and health…and we do not seek to threaten the world or the region.” **
—Hassan Rouhani, Iranian President

I don’t see anyone in the area complaining of attacks by Iran – never heard of anything like it.

It is US government’s corruption, wars and warmongering which is the major disturbance to the peace
of the world.

A “better deal” from Trump/Bolton/Pompeo – ? As likely as Trump surrendering his tax returns.


Bingo. follow the money.
Plus, Israel wants Iran bombed, and Trump and the US government have always been Israel’s sycophantic little bitches. So there’s that.


Thanks god we have Trump , imagine what would have happened under “Killary” !

Phew !


Yeah shame Hillary played the Pied Piper strategy to prop up Trump and cheated the candidate that was guaranteed to win against him. But I guess this is the fault of the voters, and Susan Sarandon, and Jill Stein for not falling in line right?


I did not know Killary had this plan all along ! Thanks for telling me ! Good to know.