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Rouhani to Biden: If US Comes Back to Nuclear Deal, So Will Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/rouhani-biden-if-us-comes-back-nuclear-deal-so-will-iran


After the UK and France created Middle East volatility a century ago, exacerbated by Eisenhower’s debut POTUS action authorizing the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected President, Carter and Obama have been the only two POTUS to make any progress repairing western wrought damage there. Although I have never been a fan of Obama, the multi-national Iran deal was the crowning achievement of his two terms. Credit only where credit is due.


May this U.S. stop promoting and readying nuclear weapons, first of all, “our” own. May the U.S. step away from the abyss of constantly threatening most of life on the planet with nuclear holocaust. May the U.S. turn its unfathomable swords into plowshares at last–actually, not into plowshares, as we need to turn to no-till farming to save the soil. So, how about turn the swords into… anything we actually need, and put some of the weapons’ shells in museums for us to remember as long as needed how very mad this nation had become, and how through awareness and care, we stepped back from the brink.


Iran did NOT violate the JCPOA. Iran changed policy AFTER Trump and the congress

destroyed the JCPOA.

Mr. Cole implies that you can violate something after it no longer exist.

Also, Biden has already stated that he does not want to return to the original deal.

He wants to extend the sanctions farther and he want the Saudis and the UAE to become

members of “negotiations” (strong-arming).

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