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Rouhani's Election Win in Iran Chance 'For Trump Admin. to Chose Diplomacy Over War'


Rouhani's Election Win in Iran Chance 'For Trump Admin. to Chose Diplomacy Over War'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani easily won his bid for reelection in Friday's election, securing 57 percent of the vote in a victory over his main challenger, the conservative Ebrahim Raisi.

Raisi, who secured 38 percent of the vote, is "one of four judges who sentenced thousands of political prisoners to death in the 1980s, regarded by reformers as a symbol of the security state at its most fearsome," Reuters writes.


Trump’s track record confirms that he, his cronies and his fans who voted for him prefer war over diplomacy.


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…“It is also a rebuke of Washington hawks who openly called for either a boycott of the vote or for the hardline candidate Ebrahim Raisi to win in order to hasten a confrontation.” Did I read that correctly??? And our government complains that other nations interfere with OUR elections!


Diplomacy? Where’s the profit in that?


And, Iran will counter this huge weapons sale to the Gulf States now being negotiated, by purchasing Chinese and Russian weapon systems. Which takes away from Iran’s ability to modernize their country. And, make life better for the citizenry. Which creates an opening for the hardliners to gain political traction. Thus, hastening more deadly conflicts. Cha-ching for the War Mongers.
Too, too bad for all the young American soldiers who’ll be blown to smithereens in the MENA.


Which brings me to think that the political leaders of Iran, principally Ebrahim Raisi and his supporters, need to inveigh against the Moderation and Development Part for having colluded with the US in fixing the election. Everyone knows what a meddling entity the US is. Everyone knows why Raisi lost.


It seems to me, that with the recent 110 dollar weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, Iran is now in the U.S. cross hairs to be attacked by proxy.