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Rousseff Warns of Threat to Brazil's Democracy as "Coup" Nears End


Rousseff Warns of Threat to Brazil's Democracy as "Coup" Nears End

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Suspended President Dilma Rousseff testified during her impeachment trial on Monday, rejecting the charge that she manipulated government accounts, and warning that the "future of Brazil is at stake."


Bedtime for Democracy … this time in Brazil


Why is the Left so exercised about this?
On one side in Brazil we have right-leaning, corrupt plutocrats tied to the oligarchy and on the other side left-leaning, corrupt plutocrats tied to the oligarchy.
It sounds a lot like Trump versus Hillary.
Who really gives a damn who wins because both sides are corrupt. As is the oligarchy.

The interesting bit is that the impeachment has exposed to the general public just how corrupt Brazilian politics is.
How nobody in the political class really gives a crap about common folks.
Again that sounds a lot like the election campaign that we’re currently experiencing right here in the good old USA.


There has been no indication the impeachment is based on actual corruption by the President and every indication it’s being done by corrupt politicians to stop an investigation of their activities.

That isn’t to say there isn’t corruption on the left, but the President has not been shown to be involved in it.


A rat pack attacks a legally elected government, and the self-promoting champion of democracy - the USA - is tongue-tied, unable to comment.

Rousseff’s error was her compromise with the devil when she chose Temer as her VP.

That probably sparked the CIA planners to cobble together this devious scheme using opposition congress critters to bring her down.

Sadly it’s quite likely the champagne will soon be flowing at Langley, unless she finds a way to sack her attackers.


Rousseff’s removal is as Lula said a “political coup.”
We have political coups in the USA. Nixon and Clinton come to mind.
Sometimes the people get so exercised about something that the oligarchy has to throw them a goat to scape or everything will explode.
Brazil is in economic turmoil and many people believe that the Olympics caused that problem.
Folks feel that spending all those tax dollars to put on a silly sporting event was a criminal offense when those dollars could have been put to better use.
Make no mistake, Rousseff is just one more corrupt, plutocratic politician swimming in a sea of corrupt, plutocratic politicians.
It was her time to take the fall. And it must be said that she’s playing the part of the victim brilliantly.


The CIA had nothing to do with this situation. This one is completely home grown.


Who is the President of Switzerland? Anybody know?

No leaders, no coups.

Direct democracy


OK, you’re either a 3000 year old Athenian or an anarchist. Which is it?


Are you really that unaware of the corrupt roots of the impeachment or does the truth simply not fit some political agenda you support?


I’m interested in direct democracy facilitated by modern technology.


Throwing stones into a classic piece of pottery isn’t good enough for you?

I’m with you. Eliminating our so-called “representative” form of government would be the best thing that we could do for ourselves.
They’ve never represents “we the people” from the git go anyway, they’ve always represented the plutocratic oligarchy.


They are ALL corrupt. That’s the point.


Brazilians well knew how corrupt many of their government officials were/are and don’t need an impeachment trial to figure that out. I don’t know how corrupt either left or right is, but at least with the left the country was moving away from being dominated by the US neocons/neoliberals and charting a different course. Now the right wingers will take over, corporate interests will reign supreme, austerity will rule the day and the people will suffer, and US will have back much of its hegemony in Latin America.

In two years, Lula will be back in power, just as the leftists will be back in power in Argentina…unless the righties do away with elections all together…and the US will be quietly clapping for that.


They’re already suffering hence the need for a “really big show” errrr, impeachment.
If Lula takes back power in two years then this whole exercise was “but sound and fury signifying nothing.”
Politicians come and politicians go but the oligarchy stays in place.
We should focus more on them then on some corrupt plutocrat playing the part of a politician.


The 15th anniversary of John P. O’Neill’s death is 9-11.


You keep alleging that but show no proof.


Several amusing things to say about this drama.
First, leftists tend to like multiparty coalition democracies. Or say so…
Brazil does have the multi-parties. It also has a Presidential form of government.
– In a Parliamentary form of government when the ruler loses the confidence of the people and their representatives, then there is a ‘vote of no confidence’ and the ruler is removed and replaced. As happened to Canada’s Kim Campbell about 25 years ago, as happened to John Major, and many others who the left does not like.
– In a Presidential form of government when the ruler loses the confidence of the people and their representatives, the nation is stuck with the ruler until the next scheduled election. We had to endure that with GW Bush, and Herbert Hoover.
– Dilma Roussef has lost the confidence of the people of Brazil. Her poll approval numbers are bad.

History repeats itself, or as Mark Twain said, it frequently rhymes. This impeachment in Brazil reminds me of the impeachment and removal of Pres. Carlos Andres Perez in Venezuela about 25 years ago. Poor economic results and suffering caused his popularity to go into the tank. In Venezuela’s case, a few years later Hugo Chavez won election, and established a ‘Bolivarian Republic’. My understanding of the intention was that only poor people get to vote and make decisions in a Bolivarian Republic. I leave it to the analysis of others how good a job the Founders of the New Order in Venezuela have done. Signs, such as starvation, do not at first glance look good.

The left often makes the sort of mistake that Leon Trotsky wrote about, of allowing a strong man to take over the party, the central committee, the politburo to become dictator. Trotsky wrote this before Stalin actually did do it. Questions: Did Hugo Chavez, does Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, fit the description that Trotsky wrote. And how does that work out for their nations?


Please permit me to be lazy; and, repost, immediately below, from CD’s August 26th’s article, Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Others Condemn ‘Coup’ in Brazil. The post includes links to three articles that appeared subsequent to the article you link to above; and, may be of interest to some of the CD readers here, who may not have read all of the comments to the August 26th article:


Paul Craig Roberts and Glenn Greenwald both believe this is likely a coup. Roberts additionally believes Washington is involved to keep Brazil from participating in BRICS, which will eventually cause the value of the dollar to fall as it loses its preeminence as the world reserve currency…

Here are a few interesting articles on this issue:

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS - Dr Paul Craig Roberts - April 22, 2016

New Political Earthquake in Brazil: Is It Now Time for Media Outlets to Call This a “Coup”? - Glenn Greenwald - May 23, 2016

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil — Paul Craig Roberts - May 29, 2016

Glenn Greenwald on Rousseff’s impeachment and the potential US involvement - June 3, 2016 - YouTube video


Check out yesterday’s (8/29)Democracy Now for more information on what’s taking place in Brazil–the history, the players, the corruption, etc.