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Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations


Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations

Julia Conley, staff writer

Beverly Young Nelson says she was 16 when the Alabama Senate candidate attempted to rape her and then threatened her


I starting to fell like I live in misogynistic country from the dark ages. First elected “the self admitted pussy grabber”, and now an alleged child molester. There are prison inmates with better integrity.


The good white Christian people of Alabama will do their “Christian” duty and forgive Roy Moore his transgressions. Now if he were a black man…


It will be a very sad day in this country( one of many) if this POS is elected and if elected, that the current crop of scum in the senate seat the bastard!


The Post report also included allegations that “Moore had pursued romantic relationships with girls ranging in age from 16 to 18 when he was an adult.”



Just asking: Would these christian, fascists who say we need to forgive sexual, predator judge Roy Moore feel the same way if he was a Muslim?


Yes- and these people get rewarded by organized religion.


…or a Democrat.


No way or if he was Jewish or tribal etc. These people think that it is NORMAL but we do not- that is the problem!


Of course- Did you know the "age of consent " is sixteen in Alabummer? In other words child or teenage rape is NORMAL.


50 Christian pastors in support of Roy Moore and his sexual predator ways.

Every man is said to have their price.

Seems like these men of God are willing to stake their reputations on a molester of children.

We might want to look a little closer at these 50 and their relationships with children.

Inside the Church.


True, lets hope they come to their senses, there is no room for moral ambiguity on this… Is there no bottom here.


Yet another good reason to avoid Alabama. Evangelical anythings give me the creeps.


Odd, none of his accusers are black women. Moore was showing his White Supremacist bonafides by sexually assaulting only underage white teenage females, in case he " had to go ahead and do the right thing " for one of his victims. A true Southern gentleman, that Ol’ Roy Moore.
10 to 1 he’s got a white hoodie in his closet, too. What a hypocrite POS. And, don’t get me started on these fake evangelical ministers who are holding his coat while he beats up on his accusers. Disgusting!
Why doesn’t this mess shock most normal people?


Hmmmm…can a state be impeached? What would it take to do something like secession in reverse and expel these militant child phuquers from the union?


We live in the era of Lesser Evilism. Meaning that once we determine that one side of the debate is an ‘Existential Threat,’ then anything we do in the name of stopping that threat is justified.

This was the logic of my liberal friends regarding Hillary Clinton. Yes, Hillary is a Warmonger & Economic Elitist of the First Order, but at least she wasn’t a p-grabbing racist like Trump.

And this is the logic of the Roy Moore backers. They believe that liberals & Democrats constitute an Existential Threat, & therefore anything which stops that threat is justified.

The 2-party system has naturally degenerated to this state, where all that matters is hate & fear.


It shocks me, but maybe I’m not normal. Normal is an ambiguous term, most often used to denote the notion that something or someone, is at or near the median value of an observed characteristic for some population of, in this case, people – as opposed to appropriate, or desired, which denotes the characteristic to which one should aspire. So “normal” in Alabama is different than normal in other (at least most other) states.

Looks to me like normal for a Republican is whatever it takes to take and retain power and accrete wealth. In Alabama, among the Christian evangelicals, it appears that it includes relationships between adults and young teens, as well, perhaps with the caveat that it not interfere with taking and retaining power and accreting wealth.


Right. Maybe we can renegotiate the Civil War, provided we don’t open up the notion of slavery.


Can a fictional godhead sue for defamation of character?


They’re not Evangelical right wing bass turds for nuthin’!