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Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations


It’s about fetuses and queers and promiscuous single women who want to have sex without consequences and uppity n*****s, aka Obama. I grew up southern baptist in Ala. Their christ is as full of hate as they are.


Judge Roy Moore is a Christian and by definition Christians don’t do this sort of thing, so by definition the judge must be 100% innocent of the charge. Like the judge says, it’s a witch hunt!

Chapter 2: Now let’s try that same argument with embezzlement. Oxycontin addiction, maybe?


You’re exactly on target. I’m a recovering Southern Baptist myself. And now a full-fledged atheist.


Yes, that is the problem!


Many of us are sick and tired too, Sickandtired.

It’s amazing how pockets of Hipocracy like this exist all over our country.

It defies rational thinking.

The immorality of it is shocking to say the least.

Perhaps Sodom and Gomorrah Part 2 is about to start in your old backyard.


Roy Moore has threatened to sue these witch hunters! If that happens, and his case goes all the way to the supreme court, I wonder how Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will rule, considering I recall a big controversy during his confirmation hearing concerning a Ms. Anita Hill.


Yes, the same one that the WSJ later investigated and found to be true.


While I’ve little doubt that an old religious kook (who happens to be a career sycophant) could be the sleaze bag these allegations make him out to be, when I try to put myself in the shoes of what HRC dubbed “the deplorables,” it becomes hard not to fully agree with the Evangelical wingnuts referenced in the quote above. Once I’ve kicked off those deplorable shoes, a bit of that sentiment remains like the foamy residue left behind in an empty pint glass.
These Moore media misadventures bring to mind the end of Eliot Spitzer’s brief tenure as the Governor of New York. As I recall, just as Spitzer began to talk tough about prosecuting Wall Street crime, a sex scandle toppled his political career faster than Wall Street crime toppled the world economy later that same year.
While these two cases may seem to only have the outing of the sexual misconduct of public officials in common, we can dig a little deeper. Spitzer was stepping on some prominent toes… is or has Moore stepped on any prominent toes himself? I’ll admit that I know next to nothing of Alabama politics. I know that in Birmingham they robbed the Governor, and an unspecified group ‘did a week or two’ for this crime. I also understand that Trump threw the weight of his administration behind Moore’s opponent in the primary and was quite embarrassed when that didn’t pan out.
I am neither denying nor affirming that Moore (or Spitzer) are guilty of the accusations levelled against them (though it does seem Spitzer was indeed guilty). I don’t know the true character of either, n’or do I care to be honest. I have to concur with the Evangelical wingnuts on these matters when they quote their book with: "judge not unless yee be judged."
What I am going after with this tirade is that there seems to be more to the story that we’re not getting, and that the media play to the tunes of various fiddlers. I’m also going after the tendency for the comments on this article and those like it to go straight to insulting the citizens of the great state of Alabama. “The Deplorables.” Believe it or not, Alabamans are PEOPLE… people who have their reasons for their convictions. The progressive left needs to find common ground with the supposed ‘Trump base’ if there is to be any hope at this late hour. There is common ground, believe it or not… “the Washington establishment,” as the problem. That’s why your ‘deplorables’ rallied behind Trump, as misguided as it may have been, and that’s why y’all still rally behind Bernie (and Democratic Party reform, as misguided as both may be). Let go, America. Let It Be. Come Together… Right Now.


A lot of his base are not impoverished working class white folks. Most of my old high school friends who are huge Trump supporters are highly educated and very well off financially. I see no way to form common ground with them politically. They are so afraid some moocher will get undeserved medical care that they cannot see their way to a fairer distribution of medical services. They are so afraid of a moocher getting food stamps that they are willing to let children starve. They are so afraid some criminal will “get off” that they are willing to let an innocent person be put to death. They are so afraid of terrorists they find bombing innocent people, including children and the holiest of holies- unborns- to be perfectly acceptable. By moocher they mean non-whites mostly. Same goes for the fervent trump supporters I know here up north.


Didn’t research, but 16 is probably legal elsewhere since 16 yr olds can drive in a number of states May not be moral, but legal


Yes, sixteen is probably legal elsewhere too especially in the South. Terrible!


Just did one minute of research. 16 is AOC in 31 states ranging from Ala to Wash to NJ so all over the map. Handy for middle aged creeps


NJ??? Who knew? Exactly handy for middle aged creeps and that does for women as well. Remember that Mary Kay creepo teacher who did her own student and ultimately went to jail?


Yeah, Trump threatened to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault during last year’s campaign.

He never did.

Pathological liar.


And he won too. I really hope we don’t see a repeat with Moore.


The November 9 Washington Post article is just incomplete enough to raise doubt – possibly even reasonable doubt – about Corfman’s claims. Here are some questions I would like to see answers to, with the understanding that the answers might not be 100% confirmable. When the Corfman incident allegedly occurred, was Moore living with a wife or somebody else at the residence where it allegedly occurred? Did those person(s), or neighbors, see him with the child? Were each of the two visits carried out secretly? The story indicates that the first time Moore took Corfman to his residence, after the trial that was taking place when he first met her, he kissed her. That would be legal. The second time he took her to the residence was when she allegedly ended up not wearing anything but underwear. What were the dates (including days of the week) and times of each of these secret (or so we think) encounters? Was she 14 on the second occasion? Nancy Wells, Corfman’s mother, knew that Moore had been with Corfman at the courthouse. But the Post article says nothing about whether Wells knew Corfman went twice to Moore’s residence. Did Corfman tell her mother that she had given her phone number to Moore? Did Corfman have a phone number of her own? Did she tells Wells that Moore was going to pick her up away from her residence each time it happened? How did she explain her absences? What reasons did Moore give to Corfman for picking her up in that manner? Why did Corfman agree to that, twice? What did Wells or other family members know about those secret visits, other than what Corfman told them? Corfman reported said,“I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” and “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.” Does this mean she didn’t know that Moore wanted to perform some sexual act with her? Wells didn’t hear about the sexual incident until more than 10 years later. With whom, and when, did Corfman discuss the incidents sooner than that? Whom did Corfman first contact after parting company with Moore on each occasion? Was force or the threat of force used to induce Corfman to submit to the acts of Moore? How did Corfman’s clothing get removed? Did she give Moore permission to remove her shirt and pants? What else did Moore and Corfman do at his residence? How long was she there on each secret visit? How much alcohol was consumed, and what kind? Was Corfman intoxicated when she rejoined her family? Did Corfman actually touch Moore’s penis? Does she know whether he had an erection? Did Moore tell her exactly what he was asking her to do with him beyond what actually occurred? Did Corfman believe that what he wanted to do was a crime? Did Moore threaten her to keep her from revealing things that occurred between him and Corfman? Answers to questions like these would allow the public to make a better judgment about this matter. Was it illegal for Corfman and Moore to remove their outer clothes, and absent actual touching of genitals, would there have been a crime? It troubles me that prominent politicians, and others, don’t seem to be asking questions like these. However, if it can be confirmed that he wanted her, below the age of 16, to remove or allow him to remove her outer clothing, and stripped to his underwear when they were alone together, I would say that alone is enough to disqualify Moore from serving as senator – absent a credible explanation of how that could happen with Corfman’s consent.


I agree. I am finding that they see anyone who does not share their point of view is someone they see as a personal existential threat.

Bloodshed against fellow Americans is the only outcome predictable from their point of view.


She was raised to be ‘submissive’ to the one ‘courting’ her.

I can well understand her dilemma.


Yeah, that’s Gloria Allred. Democrats always use her for their smear jobs. This guy may or may not have done it but with Allred there looks more and more like a dem smear job. Any updates on all those accusers Trump faced during the campaign? Seems like they all disappeared from the face of the earth.


Do some arithmetic. Spitzer had at least three twenty somethings. That doesn’t allow Moore to have six one somethings. Not even the statutes of Alabama allow for skipping counting by ones, and going by the multiple of two, instead. Only in the Old Testament, under the term " begat " do these fornications and equations not raise lots of eyebrows and suspicions.
Even evangelicals can understand that neither multiplication nor division makes this whole sick affair add up, either. Unfortunately, they can only go back 7200 years to look, too. The Lord works in mysterious ways, for sure. But even he needed both hands to get to seven and could then give it a damn rest. Roy Moore won’t have a moment’s peace until he quits and gives it a rest, too. And, Amen to that.