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Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations


Here are some decisions by Roy Moore, does this inspire confidence in his decision making?

Not to mention that the person with Allred has a signed note from the Judge that never even met her.


Gloria Allred. terrible optics


The Post report also included allegations that Moore had pursued romantic relationships with girls ranging in age from 16 to 18 when he was an adult. The age of consent in Alabama was and still is 16.

But none of them wanted Moore’s “romantic relationships” – that makes his moves sexual assaults and in some cases attempted statutory rape. He condemned himself when he primly said that he never dated teenagers unless he had their mothers’ permission, the point being that he dated teenagers. (The part about their mothers’ permission was a lie.)


If consent was obtained, 16-legal means okay. If no consent, then rape.


Like this?


Of course the majority of Republicans are defending Moore, up to and including their official mouthpieces on Fox like Hannity and Limbaugh. The main thing about Republicans is they stick together, right or wrong, party before literally anything and everything else. Republicans have the ultimate tribal mindset, and since many Americans are idiotic lemmings who get ga-ga over strongmen leaders who tell them what to do, who to like, what to buy, etc, it explains why so many are drawn to the Republican Party. Why they will defend a child molester, a “pussy grabber” sexual predator President, drool over pedophile-defending hate-spewers like Hannity, and march in lockstep with their Republican party “leaders” even when those same people screw over their own constituents by taking away their healthcare, raising their taxes, and lying to their faces. They just don’t care - they MUST stand by their dear Party, hell or high water. Even when the positions they defend are directly contradictory to their supposed spiritual beliefs or their own ideology (raising taxes is wrong, increasing the deficit is wrong, molesting children is immoral, etc.).

It’s really past time to admit that the Republican Party is a cult, and a destructive and un-American one at that; and it’s followers nothing more or less than wicked, self-serving, anti-American traitors that put their cult above the nation.


Were are young men on this issue? What would young men say to the 50 pastors? Not talking about homosexuality: talking about sexual abuse of our youth. Young men speak up and be a worrier for other young souls.


From a strategic standpoint, the Ds should be hoping for a Moore win.

Because when they run on their usual “we’re not as bad as they are” platform, Moore will stand alongside Trump as exhibits A and B.

And that’s the sad reality for the Ds: It takes a moron of Trumpian magnitude to revive their electoral chances.


It was Trump who said he would sue his accusers. So where’s the suit?


Maybe you could get off your strategic high horse and think like an actual person? I know, you’re not being crass, you’re channeling those crass Democrats.


Age of consent is not the issue with Moores conduct. Or with Louie C.K. Or with Trump.


“Consent” is irrelevant here. Why do people keep bringing it up?


Read the transcript:


Thomas will sleep through the hearing as he does with all hearings and will not have read the pleadings beforehand (that’s what his aides/assistants are for). Sexual harassment at the time was not as public as it is now, sad to say, which the obstreperous old white men in the Senate denied existed at the time of Hill’s testimony during CT’s confirmation hearings. Now, like then, seems such conduct is still acceptable on too many levels. Moore is a pedophile, homophobe, misogynist, racist, and sexual predator…running for and possibly winning a seat in the US Senate. Speaks volumes about the prevalent mentality in Alabama and the South (remember Foley in Florida who liked young male pages and Vitters in Louisiana who paid prostitutes tens of thousand$$$ to spank him while he wore a diaper?). Guess going to church absolves them of their “sinning.”


Let’s keep in mind that in general men and women are good… We are talking about very sick or evil male individuals here. These sick men attack women differently than how they would attack other men. From when they are little girls all women must be made aware of this. They must be taught the signs of impending trouble, harassment and sexual aggression. They must be taught how to handle themselves verbally as well as physically, if they need to, in the use of self defense. They must read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker and take the street smart self defense course recommended in back of the book. It can save a lot more than their dignity and sanity…it can save their lives. Sick or evil people will always be sick or evil…they are getting what they want so there is no reason for them to change. It is the potential victims (female or male) who must stop them, one at a time, from interfering with personal safety and well being.


Sorry, I have no problem “insulting people” in Alabama who still support Moore. We don’t need to wait for a trial to find out if he is guilty. Five women have come out with their stories. Where there is smoke there is fire. Moore is a lifelong bully who hides behind religion. There’s no question in my mind he did these despicable acts.


It may be legal in the backwoods state of Alabama but it is patently immoral everywhere. Moore was asked by management to stop frequenting shopping malls trolling for young victims while holding public office. His conduct as a “judge” was despicable to boot. Could the GOP not find a more loathsome human being to back?


No, they could not.

It must have been pretty creepy for mall store owners/managers to stop him from frequenting stores in shopping malls. And I agree about his morals – he had none. I just wonder how many teenage girls he was “successful” with. There probably were some, or I doubt he would have continued trolling. I had no daughters, just sons, but I would have seriously considered going after him with a baseball bat if he had laid a hand on my daughter or asked her for a date.


I think the majority of Republicans are either stupid or criminal. Much of those adjectives belong to the Trump Klan, but since the Republicans will not censure or impeach those in their party who deserve it, I am safe in making such a statement. They are cutting their own throats.


I don’t know- but could it be that this sick thinking is that they are two “consenting” adults?