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Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations


Guess they slept through their history, geography and/or political science classes as well as co-opting their morality for self-aggrandizement. The telling statement is 'very well off financially" so they back someone who will guarantee them keeping their coveted cash.


New abbreviation: NVS (Not Very Smart).
Alabama , where there’s no such thing as rape and pedophilia is ok.


We should simply declare defeat in the Civil War and tell the south to get the hell out.


Clarence needs a complete physical to determine if his brain still works.


Be careful, fern – a “self-admitted” something is very different from an “alleged” something, and those of us who think as I and I gather you do are in the camp most needful of the distinction being enforced.


But Trump not only “self-admitted” being a pussy-grabber; he declared it, so Fern’s language choice was correct on both counts!


It was not.

" First elected “the self admitted pussy grabber”, and now an alleged child
molester. There are prison inmates with better integrity."

The first phrase refers to Trump (“the self admitted pussy grabber”), the
second to Moore (the “alleged child molester”).

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Attorneys don’t impress me.


Yeah sorry, not evil, not few and far between just sick individuals and a lot of them.



It is 18 in Florida.


What do we expect from male-dominated legislatures?


What you describe is eerily reminiscent of “the talks” that black parents have with their sons.


Here’s the thing: Yes, this is creepy and disgusting and this craphead had better not get in the Senate, but most people have much bigger problems to talk about than Roy Moore and his little girlies from forty years ago. And that is another problem -old rich white men.


Here too- but no matter the age - assault is assault.


Unfortunately secession is not legal. Wouldn’t it be great to change the laws and throw them a party when they secede? of course they would start another civil war (2) in order to get federal funds for everyone down there on welfare and other subsidies.And the loose gun laws would permit the citizens to run with their automatics


And this guy is a judge! This must be normal down there- an old white rich pedophile who has authority over women.


No, because he represents who they are- remember they follow the p. grabber in chief!


I heard that despite that the majority of women down there are backing him- must be part of the culture or in the air.




Exactly what I’m seeing