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'Rubber-Stamping' Trump's War Cabinet, 6 Democrats Just Voted With GOP to Confirm Mike Pompeo


'Rubber-Stamping' Trump's War Cabinet, 6 Democrats Just Voted With GOP to Confirm Mike Pompeo

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the help of six Democrats and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), the Senate on Thursday helped President Donald Trump move one step closer to completing his war cabinet by confirming the ultra-hawkish torture supporter Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State by a vote of 57-42.


I vomit on this


From the article:

“Democrats that jumped ship to support this dangerous climate denier must and will be held accountable by the people.”
–Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch

How exactly are we to hold errant Ds accountable? By voting R?? I don’t see a single elected office holder who’s accountable to anybody but their mega-donors.


Haspel comes next. More “moderate” Democrats will of course guarantee it.

And Obama, go cluck yourself for absolutely helping put these monsters in the position they are in.

This is what “looking forward” looks like. Soon to come, codifying torture domestically as well, with a fucking fascist at the helm.

Again, go cluck yourself Obama.


The Democrats can claim they worked as a party to defeat this nomination and the supporters of that Party can continue to claim that there very REAL differences which is why progressives should continue to vote for them.

Mike Pompeo is still confirmed.

I hope people still remember all the cheering that went on when Doug Jones of Alabama defeated the Republican nominee for office.


More true in the Senate than in House, for sure.
Still, it takes voters to get elected. People who sit on their hands, unmotivated, aren’t a promising constituency to court if you’re an ambitious political animal.


I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. /s


More to fear climate change and social decline. Either way we are completely buggered.


Primaries, like Republicans have done repeatedly (see Eric Cantor). You don’t win all the time, but you do win some, and that some matters. Even pressure can help. Just look at Cuomo, who I’ll vote against in a presidential primary any day, and his late change of heart on some issues.


Ahhh, yes. The same predictable scumbags who don’t seem to know what party they are in.
Loathsome enablers of this appalling clusterfuck of a “president”. They remind me of that asshole DINO, Joe Lieberman, who showed up at the RNC and hugged George W. Bush.
And so, we drift closer and closer to some form of military action on two fronts - North Korea and Iran due to zealots like Pompeo, Bolton and that gang of warmongers in Congress. The Rethugs must also see that as a way to distract the people from the corruption and incompetency of Trumpo and his wrecking crew and their whores in the media (cough, Hannity). After all, it works for both parties. Innocent people in Libya died when Bubba Clinton did the same thing to deflect from a certain stained blue dress.
BTW, why can’t we have a president who speaks to the people like Macron did to Congress?
What a comedown for the U.S. - Macron challenged us on a variety of issues and Trump does little more than make nice and brush dandruff off of his shoulder. Pathetic.
Fifteen months on, America, and our Jerkoff in Chief is getting worse by the week. C’mon, Mr. Mueller - we’re dying out here.


Looks like every single Republican voted for Pompeo, even McCain, Graham, and Collins. Who won’t they support? It’s scary. It is inexplicable why any Democrats joined in. particularly Nelson who is from Florida, not exactly a red state.


Obviously red state democrats running this year are worried about Trump coming to their states. I live and work in very conservative areas, and Trump still sells, sadly.




Correct. One of the things I hate most about these “New Democrats” is that they look at the reality of their continual sellouts and shameless compromises and still insist that they deserve our votes because “you have no alternative”.
Vote Green. We will never fix this horrendous mess by playing the cynical game of these entrenched assholes. “Incrementalism” is just another word for selling out. Wall Street and the empire have nothing to fear from these this shameful, unrepresentative political system - what Gore Vidal called “Two wings of the Property Party.”


“With the help of Democrats” is a headline that has become so common as to suggest that it is by design, both in the House and the Senate. Makes you wonder if these same Republicans posing as Democrats are actually defectors or traitors, after all. The fact that no one in the party ever criticizes them or even mentions them makes the party’s claim for supporting any progressive issue suspect. With Democrats like Manchin, Heitkamp and company, it’s even more fraudulent for the Dems (and Bernie Sanders) to tell voters they can stop Trump and the Republicans if they can get a one or two seat majority in the House and/or Senate come November.


Just goes to show that as far as policy goes, having this big of a tent is disastrous, and I could give two shits if a Democrat wins if they support right wing policies. Most everyone was happy that Doug Jones won, and I was to an extent, but not much. The only reason I was somewhat happy was because the alternative was so utterly vile. What matters is policy, and Doug Jones is a giant step back on policy. Being less bad than Roy Moore isn’t enough, and Doug Jones will not win the next election. Fuck him for what he has done in office. He got into office with the support of the very people he is screwing over. They won’t show up like they did last time, why would they (?), and he won’t win a single Republican with the crap he’s done. He won’t be in office long. Joe Manchin has no soul, and neither do most of the Democrats at the national level. When Manchin is going up against some other asshole just like him in the other party, we might as well have a one party state. Paula Jean Swearengin.


May those 6 burn for what they did!


Winner of comment of the week.


Did any of you expect anything different? This exactly what you get…enough Democrats so you can spread the blame a little with too many names to remember but small enough in number to make the proles think that with a little more effort they could have succeeded. They plan this kind of thing and distribute the hits among themselves so the same couple people don’t have to be the bad people over and over again. They have it down to a science. How anybody believes in anything at this point is beyond me. Yet believe most still do.


The Republic is dead. Voting is for proles and outright idiots.