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Rude Boy Trump Rebuked for Pushing Prime Minister Aside at NATO Summit


Rude Boy Trump Rebuked for Pushing Prime Minister Aside at NATO Summit

Common Dreams staff

With a small yet telling gesture, U.S. President Donald Trump generated international rebuke and scorn on Thursday after video surfaced of him rudely pushing a fellow head of state out of the way during a photo opportunity at the NATO summit in Brussels.

The clip shows Trump stepping in front of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic while pushing him aside with one hand. Trump then plants his feet and straightens his jacket without regard for Markovic. Montenegro is the newest member of the alliance.



While it's good that negative images and information about 45 are circulated, at the end of the day, it's unclear whether they make any difference. The behavior of 45 and his cronies obviously suggests that he and they do not care about democracy, nor the Constitution (which 45 described as "archaic").
In my view, that in and of itself is enough information.


I keep getting flash backs to Mussolini written all over the orange baby man's face at times [and there are plenty of them] like these.


He is a petulant child and a self entitled prick who must always be at the center of attention. His face and gestures, once at the front of the group, says it all.


Jeeze, if any person from the left did that, we would never hear the end of it, would we? Maybe that says more about us, than it does him.


The ginger pig has always been a low-life arrogant POS....................


Shameful, but perfectly in line with American foreign policy.


I don't know what's worse, the obadrone speaking all the right words while engaging in unspeakable horrors against people all over the world; or our tiny-fisted prictator shoving his way around the world for all to see!


True to his psychopathic narcissism, the imperious orange oaf (who is devoid of any sense of diplomacy, decorum or courtesy) muscled his way into the center of every photo op...without exception. And his insane need to always be the center of attention preempts any and all awareness that his bullying is being filmed to then be broadcast around the world for all to see. He has not changed one tiny bit since he harassed, belittled, and bullied his brother who eventually committed suicide in the prime of his life. And this is the prezdent of the U.S., the biggest bullying nation on the planet.

Loved the way Pope Francis commented to Melania that it looked like she had been feeding DJT potiza, a Slovenian nut bread and that his Holiness also did his best to not look DJT in the eye in addition to cutting the "encounter" short announcing that it was over at 8:30 a.m. sharp then ushering everyone out the door!


Who is the woman who appears to point out his error (and whom he appears to tell to get stuffed)? So embarrassing.


The Ugliest American!


The sociopaths will applaud.

Direct Democracy


Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic of Montenegro gets pushed aside by an ill-bred bully (probably because his country has the word "Negro" embedded in it).


Quite likely, that.


The woman is Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.


And then there was arm-wrestling shaking hands with newly elected French President Macron



Indeed very rude gesture. But what can we expect from a narcissistic, egotistical man. On the other hand, NATO is nothing but a bunch of warmongers and criminals; subservient to the US.


Joke of the day isn't Trump pushing the Montenegro whatshisname aside but that someone in a tweet called that "PM" a "world leader."