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Rudy Giuliani Asks Not To Be Called Anti-Semitic Right Before Saying, "I'm More of a Jew Than [George] Soros"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/rudy-giuliani-asks-not-be-called-anti-semitic-right-saying-im-more-jew-george-soros

The truly sad irony of this entire debacle is that the idea for the George Soros antisemitic smear came from the late Arthur Finkelstein (the gay jewish conservative political strategist whom advised the likes of Jesse Helms). Not helping Soros is that he beat many of his contemporaries amongst the corrupt and connected financial speculator types at their own crooked game even though he is what they truly fear and despise: a self made Jewish man. Thus their political poodles on both sides of the Atlantic are going with this, amongst the many to get the mouth breathers that find the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ‘true.’


I am always surprised that calling or implying someone is a “self-hating Jew” is not considered as anti-Semitic.

Recently in the UK an anti-Corbyn critic accused one of his Jewish supporters such and it went without comment from the prominent TV interviewer Piers Morgan.

But as predicted by many with the adoption of a standard definition from International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance…anti-Israeli government policies is being conflated as anti-Semitism


What Rudy really really meant to say was that “I’m more of an israeli than (George) Soros”. There cleared that little cultural definition up.


December 8th he talked - and it gains traction here December 23rd.
How many bloody Mary’s did Rudy really reach for?
He does talk as bad as I write. Maybe we have to add verbs, gerunds, to gain understanding.
He does not like George, but Rudy’s comments are bizarre.
He’s just as wild on TV live interviews. Maybe trying for his own reality TV show !!

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We must daily be aware that critic of the Israel government policies, actions are not directed toward the religion at all.

They must not be merged into one unit because the offall will be widespread - world wide - and tragic.

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You are correct. And those which is most guilty of this are the Israeli and pro-Israel politicians.

An example being Netanyahu decrying the proposed ICC investigation as “anti-semitic” neglecting to say that the ICC judge involved closed the case on the Marmara killings and refused those who appealed for it to be re-opened. So much for her anti-Semitism or even anti-Israel bias.

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