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Rudy Giuliani Tops List of Trump's Candidates for Secretary of State


Rudy Giuliani Tops List of Trump's Candidates for Secretary of State

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is in the running to be President-elect Donald Trump's secretary of state, according to the Wall Street Journal, which spoke with anonymous sources "familiar with the matter."


I agree with Chomsky: " The Republican party, which has become the most dangerous organization in the world. The party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life."

And he added.. he was not exaggerating!


Rudy Giuliani, more than any politician other than G.W. Bush, shamelessly exploited 9-11 for his own purposes and did nothing to prevent the illegal destruction of the evidence from that crime.
He would truly make a horrendous Secretary of State.


Agree, as would John Bolton. Talk about two evils, we've got it here in spades--I don't know that there is even a 'lesser evil' between these two, but I think i might pick Giuliani over Bolton.


Giuliani? Really?

The guy who couldn't even handle himself in a Republican debate is going to be the statesman for the US?

Couldn't Trump think of anyone who would be more out of his depth than Giuliani? It would be like watching a dog trying to figure out how to get his leash unwrapped from around a bench. It's just beyond them.


I think Trump seldom does what other people say he could or would do. Don’t be surprised that the next Secretary of State would be .......Ivanka! Entire nations in the Mideast would disarm and listen to her for just the favor of her smile. :slight_smile:


DT's cabinet will be populated by the lowest, vilest crooks and creeps that have crawled out from deep within the underworld. Giuliani will not last as SoS because the man is losing his mind...watch him speak...I would say he is in the early throes of Alzheimer's...not unlike Raygun in his second term.

Our battle to save our nation from the treachery and villainy embodied in DT, his family, and his administration has ramped up immeasurably. We MUST FIGHT BACK!


Rand Paul: I oppose both Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton for secretary of state

Senator Rand Paul reiterated his opposition to both former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former UN ambassador John Bolton as secretary of state in an interview with the Guardian on Tuesday.

The interview follows an op-ed in Rare, an online conservative publication, where Paul condemned Bolton as “out of touch”.

The Kentucky senator grounded his opposition in the importance that Donald Trump “pick people who agree with his foreign policy”. Trump repeatedly argued on the campaign trail that the Iraq war was a mistake and condemned what he saw as an overly interventionist foreign policy from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. As Paul phrased it, Trump was “standing up not just to Woodrow Wilson” but also “a whole line of neocons in both parties”, and the senator believed such policies were “a big part” of Trump’s campaign.

Paul, who serves on the Senate foreign relations committee, insisted “there is no way I could vote for someone who is an unrepentant supporter of the Iraq war and regime change. I think that is a disaster for the country. It has made us less safe and so categorically I can’t support anybody that supports regime change.”

He noted in particular that Bolton, who wrote an op-ed in support of bombing Iran in 2015, was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq war and pointed out that Giuliani agreed with the former UN ambassador on Iran.

Instead, Paul suggested Senate foreign relations committee chair Bob Corker as an alternative. He’s “much more of a realist, not likely to be loading the bombs to go to Iran tomorrow”. In contrast, he suggested that Bolton’s hawkish stance was perhaps because he was trying to “assuage guilt” over “not serving in combat”.


Thank you---it is important to remember that there will be some rep senators who will not support Trump for various reasons-----and the rep hold a slim majority------and if people notice the dem senators are moving more to the left.


Help me! I've fallen down the rabbit hole and I can't get out! Two of the least diplomatic people on the planet make up the short-list for Secretary of State? Oh dear, the faster I run from this, the slower I go! AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone see which way Alice went?


Rudy and Donny ...or is it Donny and Rudy? Donny as President Pussygrabber and Rudy as Secretary of Hate. What has become of us?


"Giuliani made a career as a cruel, vindictive authoritarian and his ascent will be a horror show no matter the post”

Seriously, can anyone be more "cruel, vindictive” than the person who said, upon the ghastly death of a leader of a country she helped destroyed: “We came, we saw, he died” and laughed????


Cruel, vindictive, authoritarian: Sounds like just the thing to win foreign friends and influence them.


Trump's choices present a very real threat to the US. Belligerence and jingoism make for very poor diplomatic relations.

Let's assess our situation. The US has remained engaged in wars nearly constantly, almost always by choice, for over a century. By the 1980s, the international community began reaching the conclusion that allowing the US to continue could be too great of a threat to the survival of all mankind. This is a very bad position for us to be in.

The US is in an incredibly weakened position right now. The country has been drained militarily and economically by the longest war in US history. Years of work have gone into pitting Americans against each other by class, race, and ideology. Now what? I sure don't have the answers.


Traditionally, the Secretary of State is a diplomat, not a mouth connected to a disordered brain.


The fact that it was a crime scene could not have escaped the former prosecutor.

Jimmy Breslin, early on, observed that it was not being treated as the crime it was.

How they were able to sell an actual War based on it, to this day, is virtually impossible to justify.


Sure. Giuliani just wasn't in a position to do so. Just wait. Brrrrrrrr.


Short or long term Climate Change is our greatest threat. This threat is compounded by fools who choose to ignore something that is so big that they just flat cannot get their heads around it. In truth, I suspect that very few actually have. Every day that goes by adds another day that twice as much will be needed to effect a change toward normalcy. DT has chosen to refuse to acknowledge even its possibility.


We can't forget this one:


I'd pick Giuliani, too. John Bolton is an ideologue bent on furthering the neocon agenda. Giuliani is an opportunist. He may be less dangerous to the world.