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Rule Number One in Warfare: Know Your Enemy

Rule Number One in Warfare: Know Your Enemy

Andrew Bacevich

What does President Trump’s recent nomination of retired Army General John Abizaid to become the next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia signify? Next to nothing—and arguably quite a lot.

Everything in the news relates to Trump’s abuse of power, and his determination to restrict press freedoms.

Please take the time to watch the following interview between Chris Hedges and the Editor of Consortium News.


It would be crazy of us as a people to allow our country to prosecute Assange while letting Trump off the hook simultaneously.


The real enemy is not the Saudi’s or Israel or Russia or China. It is the MIC inside of the United States of America which has entrenched itself into the daily politic so as to make perpetual war both desired and required. Abizaid and all of these Pentagon Generals and those that join the Military to fight wars on the behalf of the Corporations are the enemy.

They are the enemy of peace and freedom and liberty.

One would be more accurate stating “the enemy is U.S.”. One need not look abroad for monsters to slay when the Pentagon and the US Military is the greatest monster of all.


Agree, but removing Israel from the enemy list is a mistake. Like the US MIC, they have proven through the years, that they deserve to be on it.

Mebbe S.A. is just more our class of criminal enterprise. No sweat, it’s all just bidness, doncha know.

But what kind of class of fool does that make USA shmucks who still haven’t figured out that the oily pols they fawn over and keep returning to office and the military brass that they love to burnish, have been consorting with the deadliest of enemies for quite some time now?

Sure hope some of Professor Bacevich’s questions actually get asked of the posers on the confirmation committee but I ain’t holding my breath.