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Rules Don't Apply to GOP as Finance Committee Approves Nominees Without Dems

Rules Don't Apply to GOP as Finance Committee Approves Nominees Without Dems

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee suspended the rules Wednesday morning to vote on cabinet nominees Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price without any Democrats present.

The Democratic members of the committee boycotted the votes on Tuesday, charging Mnuchin, who is nominated for treasury secretary, and Price, who is President Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, with misleading the panel during confirmation hearings.

Right out of Hitler’s playbook.
Trump has his own rubberstamp Reichstag in Congress and the Senate.

  • The next step is to control the courts and he’s working on that.
  • “Ein volk, ein vaterland, ein fuehrer!” Heil Hitler Trump!
  • Now it is pipelines and billionaires over people and damn the Constitution.
  • When I was eight years old, the war was finally over and we thought all of this crap had been consigned to the dustheap of history. We put all kinds of laws in place to see that it would never happen again.
  • Now, 72 years later, it has all surfaced again.
  • I wonder how many millions must die to get rid of the Fourth Reich? Or how many millions must die by the Fourth Reich?

Considering that Justice Kennedy has indicated he will likely be the next retiree and Justices Bryer and Ginsberg are even older than Kennedy, a 7-2 right wing SCOTUS majority by 2020 is highly likely.

Goebbels would be green with envy to see how much the US duopoly has refined the sinister work he pioneered.

After the GOP refused to confirm Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland no Democrat has any obligation to vote for ANY of Trump’s nominees…including SCOTUS nominees. Any Democrat voting for any Trump nominee is part of the problem and not part of the solution. .


You still see a duo here?


If the constitutional law expert POTUS whose actions resulted in the Democratic Party losing control of Congress and ending up with the Party holding fewer elected seats at state and federal level since 1928 isn’t confirmation of a functioning duopoly, what is ?

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Who, among us, can take the day off and call it a boycott?
Wrong approach, Dem “leadership.” Not doing your job,at a time like this, is certainly not “standing with the people!”

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Repubs adding to the illegitamacy of Trump gov’t.


We are no longer a country that can rely on its laws to protect liberty and freedom.


There is a line that once crossed over the results are violent and destructive. Trump and the republicans are pushing that. I can only imagine what the tensions were like in the late 1850 and for Lincoln’s election, but they had to be similar to this. This is a pressure cooker and Trump has turned the heat up to almost its highest point. This is very dangerous.


Dems are too little too late. Now that the extreme right wing has grabbed power, why is anyone expecting them to follow any rules? Between impotent Dems and the idiots who didn’t vote or voted for a 3rd party, we’re screwed.

The 4th Reich.

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What is so astounding is that the republicans see no ethical problem in changing the rules to benefit themselves. The guiding principle of our representative form of democracy is being cast aside in favor of party politics and outright partisan gain.

Our representatives have no right to ignore their responsibility to represent the public (whether dem or Repub or neither) and yet we are seeing a government divided between the two parties with little regard for their duty to represent ALL the citizens while in office.

This is NOT a functioning representative government.


The US left seems to be incapable of any kind of adaptability to changing conditions and changing struggles.

Look at how they turned the Syrian civil war - a struggle initiated when the Syrian left and other freedom-loving people engaging in demonstrations against the oligarchical torturing dictatorship of Bashar Assad were brutally massacred, and replaced with this completely fantastical tale of us US imperialism being resisted by the brave freedom fighter Assad!


Just look at Tulsi Gabbard’s Assad apoligism after being led around a Potemkin village and coming back from her “fact finding” trip in lock-step with Putin/Assad. These are not my allies.


Profits trump laws

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The real point where the nausea-inducing disgust of my one-time allies and comrades on the blogospheric-left set-in when they even started attacking the courageous White Hats rescue workers of Alleppo, as “shills for US imperialism”, and even ridiculed the photos of the dead children.

You should see the e-mail I sent to Countrerpunch last night after a paper copy of one of their rabid “Evil-Hillary”-themed, crypto-Trumpist issues from a few months ago arrived in the mail with a stapled note asking if I wanted to renew my subscription and asking why their e-mails to me have been “blocked” (I blocked them). I was literally shaking as I typed the reasons why they should all join their global warming-denying-pseudo-leftist Cockburn in Hell.


Just a couple more things, because I’m furious right now.

The day after Trump and Putin talk, Russia starts shelling in Ukraine.

China said that war with the US looks “inevitable.”

NATO is beefing up its forces in the Baltics. They don’t know if Trump will back them.

Flynn just said that Iran is “on notice.” No one seems to know what that means, other than immediately putting US military personnel in danger.

No one seems to be talking about any of this.

Oh, and have you seen the news out of the EU meeting? They no longer trust the USA.

Where are the Democrats on all of this? We’re talking real conflict here, real war. Meanwhile, half of the Left spent the last week debating whether or not it’s okay to punch a Nazi.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just really, really angry.


Yes, ending of the ceasefire in Donbass with the Trump-Putin meeting is a terribly convenient coincidence.

Just to be clear, the once-principled “left” of the various socialist tendencies I am talking about have had little common ground with the Democrats - and rightfully so. But once it became obvious, by August of so, that Trump was the likely next president, Job No. 1 should have been stopping the fascist Trump. Pursuant to this, the over-the-top tin-foil hat attacks on Hillary and the “Trump wont be so bad compared to Hillary” nonsense should have stopped until November 9. We, and possibly all of humanity, are now doomed.


LOL your angry at the people who voted for third parties???

Wow, like it would have mattered!!
I mean really pull your head out of your ass once in a while.

I’ve always voted for third parties, but this election cycle would have been different, had the DNC nominated a candidate deserving my vote (Bernie would have had my vote). But instead I was left with no option but to vote for Stein.

Now open your mouth for this throbbing piece of meat, you ready??? My actions had no Impact of the results of the 2016 presidential election. I live in an extremely conservative region of the country, and its always a red state, my vote dissolves into nothing as soon as the electoral college gets its hand on my ballot.

But even if that were not the case you can’t seriously fault third party voters for the failures of the Democratic Party! Look at who they lost to! Donald Fucking Trump! What a pathetic showing!!

Nah, but you go on… go ahead… play that fucking record.

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Excuse me. My state went 61% for Donald Trump and was one of the states predicted from the get-go to do so. Hillary Clinton carried only the two metropolitan counties out of 100. My vote for Jill Stein had nothing to do with Trump’s victory. Even if we’d gotten the 5% in my state I hoped she would, he would still have won. It made a lot more sense to me to vote for Jill and maybe get Federal matching funds for the Greens than to vote for Hillary.

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Hillary Clinton is just as corporatist as Trump. Please Don’t ask me to vote for corporate fascism to protect your delusions. Its time to wake up

If the democratic party thinks we will all come running back after dealing with 2 years of the GOP’s assault on our liberties… Guess what? They’re gonna have to do a lot more than offer to return us to the brink of disaster, because guess who brought us here, the GOP and the DEMS, both of which are corporate controlled.

Their is a schism within the democratic party and the democratic leadership has been playing the same gambit for years, protect social liberties while serving the interests of corporate beneficiaries, and if your support waivers deal with the wrath of the corporate duopoly as control is handed over to reactionary fascists. :wink: GEE THANKS DEMS

The democratic party has forsaken you. If you want to enjoy freedom then break your chains, and start with the ones in your head. . . Think about it, Why does the democratic party not merely lean in the direction advocated by its base, simply take on the fight for our economic liberation from corporate oligarchy??? … ??? Well??? I’m waiting?

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