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Rules Don't Apply to GOP as Finance Committee Approves Nominees Without Dems

Yeah I just schooled the same lesson, but also wanted to add that Bernie was polling way higher than Hillary in KANSAS (where I live), and his populist stance was well received by large segment of “the right”, libtards and republicans. Hands down most every green party voter would have voted for him(all three of us), and had he won the nomination he might have turned this longstanding Red-state Blue, or at least purple.

But fuck those third party voters right

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Just playing into the duopoly’s hand.
(addressed by my second posting body)

No wait I’m wrong, I realize now we can do no better than to exist as slaves to corporate dogma. Please excuse my momentary lack of faith in the almighty purveyors of life and death.

a good “rule of acquisition”

As chairman of Onewest Bank, Mnuchin signed a consent order with the Office of Thrift Supervision in 2011 where he admitted to robo-signing foreclosure orders. In the hearing, which is under oath, he said that he they did not robo-sign. Saying that he “misled” the panel is a very charitable word for perjury.

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Progressive Change Campaign Committee sez: “… Mnuchin will change the rules on Wall Street to favor bankers and billionaires at the expense of working families.”

This requires ‘change’?

You and Yunzer are capturing my feelings exactly. We witnessed an election where progressives got played, and absolutely played themselves. The Intercept and Counterpunch–I can’t even read them. Booker just got dragged through the coals by progressives who didn’t even bother to read an amendment that did nothing progressives claimed it did. I posted the damned amendment three times here. Might as well have argued with a wall.

Now we are pissing on Democrats who are essentially powerless. They can slow things down, but they aren’t going to be stopped. If the Left can’t be pragmatic, it’s going to be a longtime before it governs at all.

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LMFAO. Pragmatism, such a Buzz Word. What does Pragmatic mean to you???

Does voting along party lines = pragmatic?

Does taking money from Big Pharma = Pragmatic?

Does Paying double or three times the amount for your medicines = Pragmatic?

Does foregoing medication because it is too expensive = Pragmatic?

Maybe you don’t see it as a big deal because the price of medication doesn’t affect you??

Does showing solidarity with your fellow man = Pragmatic?

Just what Do you Mean when you use that WORD: PRAGMATIC???

Who are you?? really?? Are you a pragmatist? REALLY??? or are you a shill for the democratic party.

Post the AMENDMENT AGAIN: Prove to me that I am the asshole

I think it would be a great example of pragmatism to allow our elected representatives, our political leaders to be held accountable for the votes they make on our behalf> But I’m a fucking idiot

Well, was it pragmatic to accept a justice on the Court who is, by all evidence, going to be completely opposed to regulating campaign finance in any way? If so, you’ve got to accept the election system you helped create.

awe, I feel kinda bad for being so adversarial, your probably as bearable and conscience as the next guy…maybe.

But your still wrong, lol. Sorry, but I must dismantle your response.

Did Booker confirm Gorsuch?? I’m sorry I thought we were talking about Booker here. You Know evaluating the merits of what he has done, as a U.S. Senator and a member of the Democratic Party?

But you speak of political consequences that you imagine I helped set into motion, and just what pray-tell did I do to helped create this fascist takeover?? HUMMMMMMMM??? :ear: I’m listening?

If individuals are relegated to casting their vote, or voicing their opinion only when it is convenient to the status quo then we are not a free society.

Additionally: Because I know life to be a bitter disappointment I anticipate I will be able to accept quite readily the reality of the crises we face, and be even more ready to defend the America that I and patriots of different worlds but like minds will see to fruition.

PS: when you say things like:“If so, you’ve got to accept the election system you helped create” you sound like a paid shill. If so tell Putin to lick Trump’s Scrotal Seam.

So, no real answer. I get it. Let’s yell at Democrats more!


PAID TROLLS EVERYWHERE, but your not promoting Trump these days, :blush: you guys must have new orders to derail any progressive backlash over Trump’s Abominations to Humanity.

Well golly :middle_finger:

TOOOOOOOLLLL . . . I guess.

you did not try to teach me a single thing, you did not try to reach me, or even talk to me, you almost lacked any opinion at all, and you immediately deflected and deferred a constructive conversation so as to make your sales pitch. You contradicted your stated intentions almost immediately. If I was hiring you to litter the web with my propaganda, you would be fired for gross incompetence.

…and then… you have the Audacity, to call me a “TOOL”. Well your mother is a HOE

And if you truly were a democrat “trying to save the world”, you would suck at that too. No one should listen to anything you say for your sheer lack of enthusiasm, you cant even offer any supporting arguments, you just spout off and blame a hand full of people for all the worlds problems (remind you of anyone…GIANT ORANGE COMB-OVER) Sorry but we are all full up right now on bullshitters and ass-clowns.

Thank you. Sounds good.