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Ruling Against 'Pernicious and Unconstitutional' Practice, Judge Says Trump Can't Block People on Twitter


Ruling Against 'Pernicious and Unconstitutional' Practice, Judge Says Trump Can't Block People on Twitter

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a decision free speech advocates celebrated as a "historic moment for the First Amendment" and online freedom of expression, a federal judge ruled (pdf) on Wednesday that President Donald Trump cannot block Twitter users for their political views or criticism of his policies.


This order does not compel Trump to unblock Twitter uses. It only presumes that he will follow the declaration of law contained in it. Good luck with that! This is the most lawless President in history.

My guess is we’ll see this story again when the plaintiffs go back to the judge for injunctive relief after Trump has ignored the order. Then we’ll find out if the judge has the spine (or to put it in her vernacular – to enter the thicket to require) him to comply.


How far have we fallen when being unblocked on Twitter is considered a big first amendment win.


Thin skin gets a fat lip


Yes, how far have we fallen when Twitter is.


Simply by extrapolation there is light at the end of the tunnel… to apply his own vernacular trajectories the ‘t’ is now twit in chief in the offal office. The task now to ask why and how references in a democracy to the Office of the President as being “The Commander in Chief” has been hijacked to assert that it implies preemptive militarism across all branches of government.

Anybody think it might be centuries of colonizing predatory capitalism? Where AID is actually used as an arm of the CIA with blatant retrogressive predation?

I for one am sick and tired of the neo-mafia with its head so far up its own nether regions that all of us now face, quite literally, being imprisoned because they do not know sunshine from the dark.

The tighter the screws get, the narrower the input from across the spectrum of balances required for life to exist in a healthy way. Given the commensurate scale of impact on what is naturally a natural, integrated planetary system, this “system” of necromancy very clearly ain’t got no magic. Like an inversion of the parable of Midas, everything it touches dies faster, is turned into poison, is eliminated, incarcerated, undermined, and scorned.

Trump is a prime example of why we might want to consider, each, personally, individually what we really need to make life easier and what exists beyond the illusions of “connection” claimed by electronic media. It is worth keeping in mind that ever minute spent on these media are removed from actual human and natural contact. The ONLY way to KNOW what that difference is, is to test it personally. First for an hour, then for a day, then for a week - and see what it means for you.

In a predatory system ANYTHING offering something for nothing other than the coin of the realm is worth studying and understanding or simply saying no thank you.


Can’t get over the photo. What’s he keep in that throat pouch, an extra pair of tiny gloves?