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Run, Bernie, Please Keep Running


Run, Bernie, Please Keep Running

Harvey Wasserman

We all win when Bernie Sanders runs.

We need him to continue through the Democratic Convention and beyond.

You can pardon my enthusiasm, but I’ll now be sending him my $27.

That Bernie came in second in this past Tuesday’s primaries doesn’t mean much. He got more than enough votes to justify an ongoing campaign. And the longer he runs, the better for all of us.


I agree with Mr. Wasserman on all points raised.

The enlightened citizen recognizes the confining elements of existing events and makes the most of the best alternatives.

I agree that it would be wonderful (and necessary) for Mr. Sanders to speak more openly against the MIC… but I also realize this could be the thing that would incite an “unexpected accident” to befall him.

While the military issue (along with that of closing nuclear power plants) is critical, without Sanders, other major issues would be ignored, avoided, lied about, or twisted around.

Sanders is covering ground no one was willing to cover and wise souls hope that he will continue to beat the odds straight to the Oval Office. It’s too scary to consider what life will be like if he does not gain that access… however, I agree with Mr. Wasserman that a certain momentum has been generated that will not die out gracefully. Not this time.


I have to agree with Mr. Wasserman, but what is truly scary is Obama has endorsed HRC for POTUS.


Wait for it, coming any day.


Bernie actually has more votes than Hillary but in the general election. These are not just democrats though. Sigh. Independents and even conservatives etc.

Now that Bernie seems less likely to win, NPR is suddenly talking all about Bernie. After months of ignoring Bernie’s popularity and big crowds, after barely mentioning him and pushing Hillary’s electability etc suddenly NPR has noticed Bernie. I heard a long piece explaining why Bernie just doesn’t have enough delegates and why his political revolution won’t blah blah blah!

Of course Wasserman is correct but there is also something else… Something not being spoken about as the rigged game proceeds, is that what happens if Hillary gets hit with an indictment? Do we then end up with a Trump or Cruz?Looks like Trump at this present moment.

Moreover the media keeps talking about how Trump is shattering the Republican Party because the status quo Repubs don’t want Trump but repub voters do. How come the same thing doesn’t apply with the democrats? The media never frames Bernie’s popularity with the voters like they do Trump’s?

Bernie has earned great honors for being Bernie which has brought many issues into the mix when nobody else could have gotten them discussed except Bernie and his long hoistory of ethics… But we need Bernie to be elected to see them enacted.

The democrats rigged game (helped by the media) has perhaps thrown away America’s democracy if Trump wins. The rigged game is pretending that that potential for an indictment doesn’t exist. They never mention it because that would reflect on Hillary’s electability big time. So they gamble with our democracy as if electing Hillary were more important than anything else.

All or nothing? What they really meant is >>> All their way or nothing!

They would risk democracy into the face of fascism by rigging the game for the candidate they want instead of the one that the voters want.

But Hillary is dirty in the sense she could be indicted. That’s a lousy bet to gamble all on if you ask me.

If Hillary is nominated… We may see that indictment show up. The republicans are far more afraid that the voters would vote for Bernie so they won’t push for an indictment until Bernie is no longer a threat to them.


Birds of a feather…


On one point: I have no idea if Sen. Sanders supports socialism. I do know that many have attached the label “democratic socialist” to Sanders, but at the same time, it’s obvious that today’s liberals don’t support it (democratic socialism includes a legit system of welfare aid).


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People admire Bernie because he is authentic, honest and has great integrity, and because his platform caters to the American people. I hope he gets the Democratic nomination. Jill Stein also possesses those qualities and it seems to me, if Bernie is not successful, that voting Green would be a logical next step. Jill won’t be a factor if Bernie runs, but she might just do well against Hillary and Trump if Sandernistas supported her en masse. I think voting Green would be a great plan B, and if Bernie fails, take a chance and vote Green. And if Bernie feels he has to endorse Hillary, vote Green anyway.


Bernie Sanders will be the president. It cannot be in any other way. please do everything you can to make it happen! It only depends on YOU! go.berniesanders.com/page/content/phonebank


Don’t trust the New York times… Why do you guys have to spread false info?


When they say “we will take it to the convention and beyond” I surely hope that means an independent run. We could beat Clinton and trump in a 3 way matchup
More people need to take the Bernie or bust pledge.
The media are scaring us with trump to make us abandon our revolution of compassion. Trump and Hillary are two heads of the same fascist beast. Good cop bad cop get it?
If we don’t have our principles what do we have?
Take the pledge and shout it from the rooftops Bernie or Bust!!!


Sanders has called himself a socialist. His politics are a lot like what might be called a “New Deal Democrat” in that he favors social spending and social programs.

The words “liberal” and “conservative” and “progressive” and “left” and “right” have become fairly crippled by repeated misuse, must of it deliberate. When people like Barack Obama or the Clintons use such a word in reference to themselves, they play strange games with language. They want the word to still summon the ethos and the pathos that people have for the sorts of principles and practices that Bernie Sanders still stands for. But they want it to apply to themselves and, as much as possible, to their own practices.

Just to be clear, when Obama or Clinton use these words to describe themselves, they are lying, and deliberately. Someone else might not be, but they are old enough to know better.


If Bernie endorses Clinton, he will instantly lose credibility, making him irrelevant, a footnote in history. The issues he champions will be as front and center as ever and a Green or Socialist Party candidate who embraces those issues will be deserving of our vote and continued support.


Our local Hillary supporters say that they are supporting her #1 because she will be the first woman president, and #2 because she will continue Obama’s agenda. With that kind of mindset among Clinton supporters, and Sanders’ making Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA an issue in the campaign, there is simply no way Obama will endorse Sanders.


I believe that deadlines for third party candidates to get on state ballots will preclude Sanders from embarking on an independent run if he “takes it all the way to the convention”.


Yes, and when people tell me Sanders is too radical, I tell them that if you lined up on his platform on a spreadsheet next to the platforms of FDR, JFK and LBJ, there would be little difference. The center has moved so far rightward during the past 40 years that Obama is way to the right of Nixon. FDR, JFK, LBJ AND Nixon would be considered radical today.

“In an age of universal deceit anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical” - George Orwell


if Shillary wins the nomination, I’d rather give my vote to Trump


Take a chance on which one? Trump or Hillary? You Greens have been playing the spiteful spoilers attacking Bernie for many months long before the Greens announced a candidate. You have helped either Trump or Hillary but now you want to say oh but we liked Bernie but he can’t win so let’s just pretend there is no difference between Trump and Hillary just like we have been pretending that there was no difference between Bernie and the other candidates!

You Greens have done your best to hurt Bernie because you wanted progressive votes even though there was absolutely no chance that a Green could win whatsoever. Just spite or that you are from the other side and actually have been working to lessen support for Bernie and it has nothing at all to do with the Greens.

That happened in past elections where the greens were used to drain off votes from the perceived left.


email indictment ?? why would it take some bs charge to eliminate Hillary. She has more dirty laundry and lies to dismiss her as a candidate for any office.