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'Run Bernie Run': Grassroots Coalition Holding Weekend of Action to Make Case for Sanders 2020


'Run Bernie Run': Grassroots Coalition Holding Weekend of Action to Make Case for Sanders 2020

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As a growing number of Democratic contenders announce their 2020 presidential campaigns, a coalition of grassroots groups hoping Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will also run are not waiting for an official declaration as they expand their organizing efforts and continue to make the case for why the senator would be the best candidate.

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Call the Green Party, apologize and ask them for mercy, and make a request for another chance to top the ticket of a true progressive party.

Humble yourself for the sake of this nation.



Well said! And I would also add, Bernie, please quit being used by the corruption of the democratic party. Bernie, don’t you realize after 2016, you have absolutely no chance to be nominated for POTUS in 2020.



Yes, but that is exactly why Bernie will never be allowed access to the oval office as long as he remains in the wrong party.



Run, Bernie, Run—but as the good Independent you are! Your integrity and honor don’t deserve to be trashed by the neolib Democratic Party machinery again.

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Well that would also be true if he ran on the Green Party ticket. Of course then the numbers would look like an approximation of 40% rep.- 35% dem. - 25% Green //// of the 50% of people who bother to vote at all in this (taken for granted) democratic republic.

Where does that land the country?

If these younger politicians are going to go after policy, they might as well go for as close to the jugular as they can. 85% rate on millionaires won’t make them skip a meal at Del Monico’s.



Can’t see Sanders run ing as an independent for president and, especially as a Green. That would be totally out of character for him and his track record all but guarantees he will support whomever the Democrats nominate.

Still, I do hope he runs and, if so, I hope he limits donations to small individual donations as he he did in the primaries. That would set him apart from the pack of other progressive candidates - Harris, Gillibrand and Warren - all of which have a history of taking corporate, Wall Street, or lobbying money. That, and Sanders is still the only candidate who has no history of “converting” to progressive causes. He’s been there since the beginning. A Sanders nomination is still huge long shot, but at least it would pin down other candidates claiming to be progressives to get specific and offer more than lip service to progressive causes.



Yes, Pony Boy, but Bernie blazed the trail for 2020 in ‘16 — and now his trail can be broadened, brightly lighted, and followed by any other serious contending women, as I’ve designed the only effective winning strategy:

Here’s my comment to NYT regarding both Kamala (other women) and more importantly the only effective strategy to peacefully over-throw this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE in 2020:

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