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Run, Hide, Fight, Secure Yourself: What Are Your Kids Learning?

Run, Hide, Fight, Secure Yourself: What Are Your Kids Learning?

Oh look. Another shooting. This one, in Charlotte, killed two and wounded four. They join the sickening tally that is America today - 40,000 gun deaths a year, 115 so far in 2019, roughly a mass shooting a day. With 95% of schoolkids undergoing active shooter drills, they are now the experts: See one advise a roomful of adults how to stay alive in a gut-wrenching new PSA for background checks from March For Our Lives. Watch, weep, act.

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“Lockdown, lockdown let’s all hide
Lock the doors and stay inside
Crouch on down
Don’t Make a sound
And don’t cry or you’ll be found”

I never thought I would see the day that school teachers would have to make up a ditty like this.Too disgusting for words. Thanks to our spineless Congress.


In another disconnect from reality that helps demonstrate how the pro-gun crowd thinks, I read an article recently about a surge of violence with knives in the United Kingdom. The pro gun side had the shocker banner headline “2 people killed every day on the streets in the United kingdom with knives”.

They went on to conclude this a result of Gun control laws as restricting the ability of the people to own guns means they can no longer defend themselves. More Guns would apparently fix this.

Homicide rate in the UK is 1.2 per 100000.
Homicide rate in the USA is 5.2 per 100000.

The second highest cause of death in the USA of Children is “death by gun”
Death by knife of Children in the UK does not make the top 10 list.


What is so troubling to me is the normalizing of horror. Whether it be gun violence, kids being taught how to survive, climate change or T___P, it is all horrific and scary and it is presented by most of the media as being normal. None of this is normal. This is a bizzzarrrroooo world of insanity. I am not usually one to point fingers but this time I will blame mass electro-media such as t.v., computers, phones and the like. We are responding to electro-media instead of each other so we loose sight of each other and loose respect. Life becomes very cheap. You are disposable just like the electro-media you interact with. This is not normal, nope, turn it all off and say hi to a new friend face to face.


Hi Ditton: and the horror is ----that from colleges to grammar schools-- there are shooters, and at newspapers, and business, and the post office used to have a lot of anger too. So whether a person is at the mall, in a library, a nightclub, the movies and ironically, even at a shooting range---- , ignored and frightened people are armed and angry. We’ve had several murders in churches too, and at military bases.
And the other day in California, seeming to lack a gun, a man ran over people in the cross walk because he thought they were Muslims. Of course it doesn’t help that law enforcement, from police to ICE seem to have a penchant for violence, nor does it help to have a president who seems to savor violence---- at least in language.
A person would have thought that once Gabby Giffords was shot that politicians would worry more—but even after the Republican was shot playing baseball—that didn’t change Congress, even with 2 House members being shot.
Maybe it would help if so much the anger and hate was not allowed on twitter and on line , but maybe not, as I suppose many always think it will be somebody else—not them.

My whole point is to just get rid of twitter and the devise you use it on. People aren’t reacting to people, they are reacting to a devise. It has depersonalized society to such a degree that people aren’t seen a human. They don’t matter, just the devise matters. Years ago I stepped outside my second floor apartment at night and looked at the pool area. There were 5 people wandering around looking at their phones, their faces lit up by the light of the phone in the dark. No one ran into anyone else as they meandered around and no one said a word to another person. True horror.

Hi Ditton—your people at the pool, example just reminded me of that scary -awful scene when the fireman Montag, sees his wife hooked up to her ear bud shells and communication is absent, Ray Bradbury really had this future down! : 0

Well done stardust, Montag, a truer fireman we’ve yet to find. :))) the movie is playing in my head as I type, geez, thanks Buddy :))) Everything about that movie is extra-ordinary, the sets, costumes, acting, the coloring of the film. Because of it all it is indelible on the mind just as my pool party. Real, true horror. Thanks again for making me think :)))

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