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Runaway Inequality Elected Trump. Here's How It Can Help Defeat Him

Runaway Inequality Elected Trump. Here's How It Can Help Defeat Him

Les Leopold

Over the last 37 years the top 10 percent of all Americans saw their incomes rise by 115 percent and the top 1 percent saw an incredible rise of 198 percent. Meanwhile, the bottom half of all American earners not only failed to see any gain at all, but their incomes actually declined by 1 percent from 1978 to 2015, according to research by Thomas Piketty and co-researchers.


The example of France being compared to the United States regarding inequality is staggering.

Kind of makes you wish we could import some of their politicians.

Now, if only we can educate our voters here in America to stop voting for two things France doesn’t have, that has literally been destroying equality in the United States for decades.

Democrats and Republicans


“Extreme inequality…Sanders offered Concrete Plans how to reverse it…”

Concrete plans DENIGRATED as “fantasy” by his OWN Party Elite.


I’m not sure what the best political strategy is because several red states seem to be close to turning blue and trying to get those states might be more productive than trying to make inroads in the Rust Belt which seems to be turning red. Close attention will have to be paid to surveys to see where Americans stand now that Trump is president. Also, it is important to understand why the polls got it wrong. One analysis which I am familiar with found that the sample were too small and that Hispanic voters should have been identified based on country of origin rather than just grouped a Hispanics. This may have been critical in Florida because the polling results led to the Clinton campaign believing it was leading in Florida when in fact it may have been trailing. Resources could have been used differently had the Clinton campaign known it was really losing in Florida rather than leading.

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AND how do we get lamestreet media to cover these protests and spread the word. Fox News is the most watched so will they cover. No and No.

I’ve been saying for A decade we need to protest the lamestreet media mogels and their paid minions who are afraid for their jobs. Fox news people actually believe their lies and interpretation of facts so they can gain more power.


However, France has an election coming up that could put into power a Trump like nationalist more like Steve Bannon but a woman.

and we would have status quo with Trump going crazy and rousing his troops to violence. Clinton was not the answer but only person given to us by the lackluster democrats who are in bed with Wall Street and Defense conglomerate industry.


As long as Wall Street is having record reports, they won’t act, but maybe we can do other actions such as divesting money from big banks and #Grabyourwallet.

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The “inequality” discussion of this era remains illegitimate because it redefines “inequality” as the gap between the better-off and the rich, ignoring the canyon between the truly poor and the working class. Since we brought our war on the poor to fruition some 20 years ago, we have found it much easier to simply ignore the consequences. But you can’t fix problems by ignoring them.

America’s economic system is broken. Not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge share of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. This created an abundant supply of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage – grateful for the chance to replace you for less than you are paid. Why pay more? This is reality, and this is what has kept the US on our downhill slide.


How much did you hear about the 2016 Poor People’s March, in liberal media? Media all gear their content to appeal to their target audiences. This has long taken priority over their duty to ensure an informed public.

Call or write your local station not fox. Also contact PBS and C Span, and write a letter to the editor in the local paper.

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Don’t forget about automation. About twenty years ago, I attended an animal rights fundraiser and heard Theo Capaldo speak. She was wonderful! She even suggested that volunteers for activist causes are very important and that people maybe could receive a stipend.
If you are referring to people who cannot work because they are disabled that is another story. There is social security disability ( which I do not think is much). However, in many other countries, there is not even that.
Perhaps you could contact your reps and even join an organization that is working for these causes. Change is not easy that is for sure.

With over 300 M in this country, Clinton is not the only person who can rep the people. Perhaps you could run for office?

Yes, Mariann Le Pen.

Just to say this: The US does not ship out jobs- companies do due to our trade agreements, free trade etc. Plus other countries want in to the global economy. It’s tricky at best- perhaps we need more coops and trade with more products and services ( like in rural areas many years ago) rather than just straight cash. Some areas are going back to this at least a little bit of the way.

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Florida was always close, never outside the margin of error. Same goes for most of the other close states from what I’ve read (excepting Wisconsin, which I think the Clinton campaign just got wrong). The national polls wound up being right. This is why Greg Dworkin recommends not reading too deeply into this election. Republicans basically came home, enough Democrats (or leaners) didn’t, and a few swayable voters went to Trump. It was not a blowout election, but a close one featuring some exceptional anomalies like FBI letters and hacking. Clinton’s less than stellar (with some positive moments) campaign didn’t help either.

Marches Against Inequality, a New Educational Program, Total, Rolling, Non-Cooperation

yes, yes and yes. I’ve been writing and emailing for years but not the editor which I am now not in a position where I could not do that.

Heard nothing and that is why we need a march not only on DC but DC, NYC media headquarters. Our local news outlets are all own by NYC media mogels who hire and fire. The little newscasters do what they are told and that is why we have he said, she said nonesense and public learns nothing.

Not sure what you mean “wall street won’t act”? I divested years ago and have lost money in doing so but don’t regret. I might when I am 80. There records reports are because of the overvalued stocks of corporations. Real estate is way overvalued both residential and commercial. Do you hear the bubble popping?? not yet but when?