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Running on Green New Deal and Economic Justice, Socialists Prevail in Spain's Snap Election

Running on Green New Deal and Economic Justice, Socialists Prevail in Spain's Snap Election

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Socialist Workers' Party emerged victorious in Spain's snap election on Sunday after running on a platform that included a Green New Deal to combat the climate crisis, a minimum wage increase, and higher taxes on the rich.

Yes. Spain is very progressive in many ways.

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Bodes well for the Progressives in US

The message is clear for all the Pusillanimous fence sitters

Status quo just doesn’t cut it for addressing the current set of problems


Goes to show that there is hope, just not in the US.

Here and there, in widespread locations around the world - Canada, Spain - people are registering their concern with man-made climate disaster. In the U.S. AOCsome epitomizes the popularity of the Green New Deal.

What Pelosi and other neo-liberals recognize and fear is that the Green New Deal affects not just the climate, but all the policies that drove it to the brink - seed monopoly, GOP collusion with oil, dumbing down education, wealth concentration, attacks on democracy - all inter-connected.

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USans need to give a good look at those graphics or the election results - that is what even a minimal democracy is supposed to look like - 14 parties all earned at least one seat.

And of course, like the rest of the world, they use political colors correctly.


This is indeed good news for Spain and for Europe. At the same time it is unsettling that the far-right VOX party will sit in in Spanish Congress for the first time since Francisco Franco’s fascist regime ended. This far-right wing movement can also be observed in other European countries like Germany where the fascist AfD party now occupies roughly 15% in Parliament. The fascists are on the move, in Europe and here at home and they even emerging is a warning sign for the entire world. Work has to be done to fight these fascist elements:

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Bodes well indeed!:wink:

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Hopefully the fight will be as big as our fight against communism.

I hate to be a bummer, but the way the EU is structured makes a leftist platform really difficult to implement, and it is one of the biggest reasons why things there also are largely getting progressively worse The very leftist ideas that are popular and work well are not allowed by the those in power. Syriza in Greece ran on some good ideas, and were initially a pretty radical party. However, the way that the EU and the EMU is structured, it makes those ideas difficult to implement, which is why the EU is slowly breaking apart. It has to be reformed, or it won’t be around in a decade. The left in Portugal has done some okay things though, so we will see.