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Running Over Future Generations


Running Over Future Generations

Tom Engelhardt

Terror attacks like the recent one in London send a shudder through Americans.


"Terror attacks like the recent one in London send a shudder through Americans."

Well, I have a remedy for this. Stop bombing Muslim countries.


My only disagreement with this article is the time span it describes. Climate Catastrophe won't hold off until later generations. We begin to feel the pain and endure the losses right now. At most our present grace period will extend for another decade. Meanwhile, the coral reefs die, the forest fires burn, the droughts cause famine and refugees (on top of that caused by war), glaciers and Ice Caps melt... the catastrophe is ongoing and gathering strength.

As yet there are some who can still be in denial. That will likely become impossible in another ten years.


This is what happens when we are denied an actual Functioning Free Press.


Yes, you'd think they would have thought about that pre first Gulf War. Oh that's right- the oil- the oil.


Climate catastrophy is here now according to MDs and scientists.


There is no more "grace period" except in your mind.


We can't put too blame on Trump since no matter who was president the odds of successfully addressing climate change would be pretty small, but Trump along with most of the Republican Party is certainly a major obstacle to any sort of optimism about this dire situation. I think the trend will be away from fossil fuels no matter what he does, the economics are now compelling, but he can certainly undermine international cooperation. Many countries look to the US for money and technology and for playing a key role in negotiations. He also is undermining critical data collection by scientists and making important data available that US has already obtained. He is a walking talking disaster.


Brought to you by: the Baby Boomers- yes I am part of this generation- one of the most selfish.