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Ruptured Dams Engulf Brazilian Village in Toxic Mine Waste


Ruptured Dams Engulf Brazilian Village in Toxic Mine Waste

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

At least two dams ruptured at a Brazilian open-pit mine on Thursday, sending a torrent of toxic sludge and wastewater pouring into a nearby village—submerging vehicles, sweeping away homes, and leaving over a dozen people feared dead.


I can only wonder if one of the provisions being promoted in The TPP is corporate immunity from lawsuits that might be filed against them for such incidents.


So this I not the first type of situation like this... of course... so, why are we still mining... for whatever... gold, silver../??? When there is plenty already available... Why do we still have a culture in which there is such a demand created by wedding rings or any other body decoration... I find it interesting, that people who feel/think they are "environmentalist, have purchased much in the way of silver or gold jewelry .... IF I wear any , it comes from a second hand store...


Brazil is a nation at odds with their environment - a priceless legacy and treasure they treat as garbage, all for money. Brazil has decimated the Amazon allowing illegal logging and all the following destruction from their roads and subsistance farmers burning what little is left, a global tragedy as the Amazonian rain forest ecosystem is perhaps THE global stabilizer/engine of weather patterns, aside from man-made global warming and associated destructions.

Brazil should understand that what they are destroying for short-term profits/money is so much more valuable that its worth cannot be measured in normal terms. So much for their stewardship, a FAIL of epic proportions, and all the earth's peoples will pay for their greed and ignorance!




These mining companies just never stop "giving" wherever they go. Canadian companies are especially gifted in doling out misery and grief, esp. in Latin America. I am now composing an in-depth article on the role of these soulless entities as they bully their way into the natural riches of the earth, without regard for the lives they disrupt and environment they pollute along the way.


If one ran a corporation one would hope so. Indeed, tailings dams cost money to build and maintain and thus impinge on one's profitability, so one would hope that the TPP could be invoked to prevent one having to build tailings dams that could break and kill people.


It's true its a long read but TPP's online now and anyone and everyone can (should - IMHO) read it. I really don't think we, however you choose to define or limit 'we,' who care about this, can afford not to have made that effort and commitment.
So for as far as I have gotten, I don't see anything that looks like immunity but I'm sure they're planning that in the next step, if it really is missing or if it wouldn't undermine that goldmine of a ISDS.