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Rural America Needs Medicare for All, and Fast

Rural America Needs Medicare for All, and Fast

Barb Kalbach

We’ve got a rural health care emergency on the horizon.

Rural hospitals are closing or teetering on the brink of closure at an alarming rate. More than a hundred have closed since 2005 and hundreds more are on life support. Long-term care facilities are vanishing across rural America or being bought up by large corporations who care about profit, not the care of our loved ones.


The author might want to consider placing blame where it belongs: When the d-party had the chance to actually solve our healthcare delivery system issues, it further cemented the centricity of the for-profit model she rightly decries instead.

Obama, like the cowardly tool of the oligarchy he amply demonstrated he is, deferred to corporate sock puppets like Max Baucus to give us RomneyCare. Let’s face facts: In that ObamaRomneyCare serves as a shield for the comservadem establishment wing of the d-party to hide behind – they’re gonna fix it! – it is now the biggest roadblock to Jayapal’s MFA.


Might I just say that I was a recent witness to climate change first hand which taught me the true definition of “INSURANCE”. A freak snow storm took out our power for three weeks leaving us with no heat or water while the night time temps dropped into the 20s. We were forced to get a motel room until power returned and we could move back and start repairs and clean-up.

I went to the company I have homeowners with for years–STATE FARM–(Y’know: "Like a good neighbor… etc. etc.) and asked for some kind of help with, at least, the motel bill. NOPE! NOTHING!

Anyway, back to why I’m writing, the definition of INSURANCE is simply this:
Corporate insurance companies are there to INSURE THEIR PROFIT$! I say the same about auto, medical, and ANY “INSURANCE” COMPANIES, They are no more than an extortionist’s LEGAL wet dream!


My sympathies. I have State Farm, too – I live in MI where car insurance rates are ridiculous.

On a side note, I dig your handle. What’s the origin of that last name? Korean?

Nope…just creativity. (-8

And YOU have MY sympathies if you ever need help from them. I found a small company with an awesome reputation that COMPLETELY took care of their clients/my neighbors and paid ALL bills from plowing out to branches and trees clean-up.

I was kidding about the Korean part. But your creativity is shining through, Clyde.

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Nice to meet you, ST. I hope this is the start of a beautiful CD friendship.

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Oh, we’ll clash at some point. But this forum is all about healthy (and at times, testy) debate.

There’s a tendency for some posters here to fudge the facts that back up their positions. I hope you keep it real, that’s important around here. Anyhoo, nice to virtually meet you.

Yer right, we won’t always agree.

Yes! I try to keep it as real as possible and I know about the "fact-dilution-syndrome-just-to-be-right also.

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I suppose it will take some bizarre accident for the US to wake up to the truth that EVERYONE needs health care----which is affordable. So, when a big movie star or a Bush, or Obama or Trump has a serious limo accident in a small city----and they couldn’t get to help right away-----maybe that will wake the America Congress up from its sleepwalking through other peoples lives.


Obama is a laughable moron.

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HI mealouts: Yes— but he looks good in a suit. : ) He totally fulfills the veneer necessity of politics.


Know what you mean , but he is still a moron. Bailed out the same crooks who crashed the economy. That was “bright”

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HI mealouts—yes, it must have been that Wall St. connection again. But then Chicago did lose that, “city of big shoulders,” poem moniker and became the city of secret police stations, that not even the lawyers can find. I heard that he wanted to take over some public park land for his presidential library----------I also heard—he lost, : )

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Like I said he is a moron- a clueless, weak kneed moron.


People in rural America, and everyone else as well, would benefit from a single payer healthcare system. However, if America’s rural rubes keep voting the way they do, faithfully republican, they will never see it.
Elections have consequences. Start acting like it, and stop voting against your own best interests. It should have become glaringly obvious to you by now. You are not going to be able to have Medicare for all while voting for racists, nationalists, and xenophobes.


All this crew cares for is the fetus fetish. Please give them their territory so they can secede into their own state of rapture.

My city friend, the one with discretionary dollars (has three homes), good looking, well educated (teaches on the college level) has a good dose of empathy for those in need of a hand-up likes Medicare. This person likes their retirement medical coverage and does not want to give up the coverage earned for a Medicare For All coverage plan. This person knows how to write a grant, how to follow a bill, how to advocate for others but can not imagine how Medicare for All could ever meet their needs. I just don’t get this person’s reasoning. Is this attitude fear based or the same old us and them? I say, when the private sector is failing most of the people, let the government take on the challenge until the private sector can function again.

You do realize the ACA barely passed the House, right? It’s what Obama ran and won a presidential election on too. Pretending there were the votes for something more progressive is, well, basically make believe. But then that’s what some “progressives” like to do.

I’ve mentioned that 34 House Dems voted against Obamacare in at least 30 comments here.

The blue dogs control your party’s agenda – I totally get that.