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Rush to Resist as Congress Poised to Obliterate Broadband Privacy Rules


Rush to Resist as Congress Poised to Obliterate Broadband Privacy Rules

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Privacy advocates on Monday are urging Americans to call their elected officials, warning that there are only 24 hours left to "save online privacy rules" before the U.S. House of Representatives votes on a measure that would allow major telecom companies to collect user data and auction it off to the "highest bidder."


Well, at least we know that the congress critters hate their progeny as much as they hate us. Equality, woo hoo!


Joining the list of Misleading Government Labels (Patriot Act, Clear Skies Initiative, No Child Left Behind....etc.) we can now add House of "Representatives", if this comes to pass.

Why must we always have to FIGHT them, to do what's right?


Will the fifty Republicon Representatives also lose their privacy?

Online Direct Democracy


Here is a link for anyone who would prefer to email their representative in Congress

Regardless of all eggs being put in one basket - a formula that is now claiming the corporate technological basket to be GOD - absolutely all life still depends on the planet surviving. The latter is apparently not something woven being into the current 'basket' case.

I'd encourage folks to bookmark the email link for congress critters and choose the issues you're willing to make as much a part of your day eating and sleeping and other such essentials. Find highly respected advocacy groups for those issues, join with them and sign on to their email alerts as the people in the US form a wave that challenges any and all corporate political interests intent on making the civic sphere their lunch on this or any other day.


After you call your representative, call your ISP and tell them that if and when this bill passes, you will drop them as your ISP.


My data is "my data" and these companies who want to sell it need to buy it from me first! There's no way in hell I'd tolerate having to pay a monthly fee to have internet service only to have that provider also profit from selling my usage data. If they are going to be monitoring and selling my usage data, they should either provide my internet service for free or pay me for the data. We are nothing more than "resources" to these inhuman assholes!