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Russ Feingold Wins Wisconsin Primary to Take Back Senate Seat in November


Russ Feingold Wins Wisconsin Primary to Take Back Senate Seat in November

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Russ Feingold won the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat for Wisconsin on Tuesday, setting up a long-awaited face-off with incumbent Republican Ron Johnson in November.

The Associated Press called the open primary just after 8pm on Tuesday. Feingold defeated businessman Scott Harbach of Kenosha to make it onto the ticket.


Sen. Feingold was the 1 vote against The Patriot Act in the Senate. He would be good for the people of Wisconsin and the U.S. He could make some real differences in the debate about our dismal history regarding national security powers, and 4th Amendment violations, now ingrained in law.


Shoulda, coulda, ...seems like an old grudge match is developing in Madtown. SOSDD.


There are two very large mitigating factors when planning to re-annoint Feingold. Johnson still has a shitload of money behind him, and of course never underestimate just how goddamn stupid the voters of Wisconsin can be.


And he supports Clinton.


Halleluja! Good news for Wisconsin and for the U S Senate...another voice of reason to join the chorus of progressives! Hopefully sanity and awareness drive the voters in WI to the polls to OUST the Johnson T-Bag...money be damned.


Now we need to hope that this good man will be immune to Big Money bribes and threats to himself and his family.

Direct democracy, online, encrypted.


I hope he makes it. He was always a welcome voice of sanity.


Now if he can just get past the strange electoral politics in Milwaukee which oddly voted Republican in 2014 completely blowing away exit poll results. What's going on in Milwaukee?


Fantastic news!


He can't risk getting kneecapped before the election. Clinton makes Tanya Harding look like an amateur.


Russ, what they deserve is a true Democrat, not a Blue Dog. We are sick of the Blue Dogs across all of the states, who never fight for what the People really want and need. JOBS, curbing the Lack of Taxes Paid by Big Corporate boys in suits. When nothing goes right, GO LEFT!


I wish he could run for Senate in my state!


Go easy on the misleading advertising. I watched Feingold's career from the start. He is a Democrat, not a progressive. His career has centered on calling on increasing the advantages of the middle class alone. Essentially, a nip here, maybe a tuck there, but stay the course and don't rock the boat. It is simply common sense to appeal the campaign donors. If elected, he is likely to vote with the Clinton right wing in Congress.

That said, Feingold looks like a "hero for the masses" compared to the toxic Ron Johnson.


Curious about something: In real life, not everyone is able to work (health, etc.), and there aren't jobs for all. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone ,etc.). What should we do with those who have no means of providing for themselves? As much as we ignore them, they haven't disappeared.


Certainly better than Johnson, but what is progressive about Feingold's agenda? No question, he appeals to the middle class, but does nothing about America's actual economic inequality (as in, our poverty crisis, continued job losses, lack of safety net). Standing up to tell campaign donors whatever they want to hear is simply common sense, but don't confuse this with progressive ideology. Feingold is a standard contemporary Democrat, well to the right of pre-Clinton era Democrats.


Good. Keep putting progressive pressure on him. He's a politician acting like a politician--what else could we expect? The real problem is advocates who start thinking like politicians and become cheerleaders for half-a-loaf politicians just because they may be the lesser evil.


Time for Ron Johnson to pack his bags! I went to one of Senator Johnson's listening sessions a year of so ago, and he said the major problem facing Wisconsin was women having children out of wedlock. Say what?

He and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner are my congressional representatives, both of whom are climate change deniers, and both support the TPP. Two fossils fueled by the fossil fuel industry.


Reading some of the posts on this article about Russ, I'm struck by the number of comments by people who think that Russ is a Blue Dog or questionable on a true progressive scale because he is not a pure, unadulterated progressive by their standards. I would urge people to look at his voting history and positions at the "On the Issues" website. Just google "Russ Feingold on the issues," and you'll find it. At the very end of the page, On the Issues rates him as "hard core liberal."

Purity tests are stupid, and people who insist that the candidates they vote for be pure don't understand democracy.


Mr. Feingold was my Senator for 18 years. Every time I contacted his office I would always get a response -- either by e-mail or phone call. He's a good man and he cares about the people of Wisconsin.