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Russia Accused of a Plot to Steal Vaccine Research!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/24/russia-accused-plot-steal-vaccine-research


the russians are coming, the russians are coming!


This story is an obvious BS plant. I think the reason they are doing this because they see that Russia is one of the leads currently in finding a vaccine. It is entirely idiotic and doesn’t make sense. But hey I wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of Americans believe this crap.


What is the better course here - acting like it is the moon race where we choose to keep secrets from competing countries or like Apollo-Soyuz or the International Space Station? I’m embarrassed for my country that we so often make the stupid and unethical choice.


Hi dara:
But tihs story is probabIy the other way around—America is spying on Russia… I mean RUSSIA was the FIRST into space --so horrors if they found a vaccine first! Oh and in a reaIIy oId Time magazine from the 1970s a story of how AMERICA got YeItsin elected—why is that NOT in history books? : )


I heard he researching how It was Russia that forced the 13 Colonies to implement slavery and how they were in fact behind the genocide of the first nations peoples. I am sure he also thinks they instigated the American Civil war.


Pootin offering roobles fer 'Murkin scalps, passing out 'em smallpox blankets and “sowing discord” amongst yonder happy slaves. He stole our time machine from Squidward. God, do I ever miss Mark, Yasha & Matt’s “The eXile?”


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According to Consortium News or The Grayzone (I forget which),
Russia had already contracted with a British group for data
the Russiagate fanatics are accusing them of stealing.

In any case, finding a vaccine is in the best interests
of everyone; sharing research would help the search.

I think it would be best if all the information on Covid were available to all nations so that someone might sooner come up with a cure. Instead, the main goal as usual is the money.

“In a global socialist economy, the approach would be: massive international research (10s of thousands of researchers) with unlimited public funds, scientifically planned trials and roll-outs subject to strict safety rules in terms of population efficacy. The resulting vaccine would be distributed to everyone who needs it for free. People would be given safe working conditions in the meantime to minimize risk to public health.”

“We see in action how the nation-state system retards the development of life-saving vaccines for humanity.” -WSWS

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Jim Cramer breaks down stocks in the race for a coronavirus vaccine

“Our fate is in the hands of a few dozen companies with a dizzying array of clinical trials, and whoever gets there first is going to make a lot of money for shareholders,” the “Mad Money” host said.
Is this anyway to run a world?

I just observed this debate on the dangers and relative merits of vaccinations, where Alan Dershowitz pushes the argument for mandatory vaccination to “prevent” covid-19 while Robert Kennedy Jr provides evidence from vaccine inserts and the best known scientific literature showing “vaccine hesitancy” is a healthy and lifesaving response of skepticism in the liability-free (since 1996) profit-making collaboration of the CDC, Fauci, NIH, and Big Pharma who are using public money (OUR $) to produce potentially greater harm.

I highly recommend reading the fine print before agreeing to be vaccinated against anything, especially the flu, which the Pentagon shows from research published 6/20/19 makes people 6 times as likely to give others the flu and 3.6 times more likely to get a different upper respiratory infection than the flu for which they are vaccinated. We’d be better off if the Russians steal all the secrets and hide them in the steppe with the melting and now burning permafrost.


Whether the dense and the bought of the world’s capitals will learn much of anything remains to be seen.

Nah. What might happen is when they go home to their districts and are confronted by enraged “constituents”, everywhere they go, they start to get scared. Then they might maybe do something. Not from learning anything, but purely out of fear.