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Russia-Aided Syria Shoots Down Israeli F-16 After Downing of Iranian Drone

Russia-Aided Syria Shoots Down Israeli F-16 After Downing of Iranian Drone

Juan Cole

Syrian anti-aircraft batteries scored a rare shoot-down of an Israeli F-16 late Saturday morning local time. It is being alleged by a whole range of analysts that this shoot-down could not have happened without Russian help. It required that the anti-aircraft personnel break Israeli radar jamming. Since Russia supplies Syrian anti-aircraft weaponry, and Russian technicians maintain it and train their Syrian colleagues, a Russian hand here is highly likely.


jc seems to think the downing of a israeli jet in Syrian air space is a bad thing. I say shoot down every war plane that doesn’t be long in Syrian air space Amerikan & israeli.
Go Syria and Friends.

I hope those cia pay checks are still coming jc.

I don’t know why you draw the conclusion that Dr Cole felt that the downing of the F-16 was a good or bad thing.

His report and analysis was pretty neutral.


The US and our puppets, Israel, Saudi Arabia are the axis of evil in the region. This is a further effort to push for war with Russia by the US and its puppets. Rather than focusing our efforts on the latest useful idiot in the white house, we need to be in the streets against the CIA and neocons that are pushing us to annihilation. Unfortunately, liberals think the CIA are “good guys” and war is the bipartisan American religion.


So far as I can tell, the Syrians have been only firing their S-200’s at the Israelis, Turks and the US. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Syrians and Russians start letting loose with the S-300s and the newer S-400s. It could be that planes will be raining from the skies over Syria! What happens if the Russians start using their Kalibr Cruise Missiles, that would mean that ships in the Mediterranean Sea could be targeted, along with targets in Israel, Jordan Saudi Arabia, and Turkey!

Sorry, I beg to differ. Liberals cannot simply be defined as AGAINST Trump. Or FOR CIA. Or in agreement with each other on many things.

The jews have no right to fly arm military planes over Syria, we see what happens when they fly over GAZA…
Nothing good can come of armed military war planes flying over another country.