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Russia and China slam Trump-Macron Push to Renegotiate Iran Deal

Russia and China slam Trump-Macron Push to Renegotiate Iran Deal

Juan Cole

Russia and China are both putting their feet down about the talk in the US and France about renegotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the 2015 agreement on freezing and curtailing Iran’s nuclear enrichment program by the UN Security Council and Germany in return for lifting international sanctions. US President Trump is threatening to withdraw, while French President Emmanuel Macron urges that the deal be kept but renegotiated to widen restrictions on Iran.

I’m impressed that Juan Cole was able to write that whole article without mentioning the menacing role of Israel in the whole mix, driving the US and France I am sure to war for…? Israel?
The people of the United States have no problem with, and want peace with; Iran, Syria, Russia, Yemen and Palestine. Please no more conflict for Israel!


The thing is, what nation in the world will trust the US if our politics and systems are so malleable and subject to the whims of a complete nutter with no moral compass or respect for truth as something to adhere to?

The flip-flop from one administration to the next to such negative and hyper-partisan extremes is good for nothing; either a nation can be trusted to live-up to commitments, or it cannot, simple as that.

Of course the US has been known to stab nations and peoples in the back before numerous times but this pattern is more over the top nutter stuff representative of the extreme personality disorders of the malignant pathological liar in chief…