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Russia and Turkey Exchange Threats as War Tensions Reverberate Along Syrian Border


Russia and Turkey Exchange Threats as War Tensions Reverberate Along Syrian Border

Jon Queally, staff writer

A bomb blast in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Wednesday—which killed dozens of people and injured scores of others—arrived alongside increasing global worries about how Turkey is responding to shifting developments on the other side of its border with Syria where a brutal civil war and international fight against the Islamic State continues.


The complexities here are mind boggling. Listen to Prof. Stephen Cohen try to make some sense out of this mess. Part the beginning is about Russia and Ukraine, ending with a informative discussion on Turkey/Syria/Isis et. al:


Interesting comment about Trump at the end.


Fast forward to minute 32 and listen to this. The British and American government are starting to send Emergency Broadcast Warnings to radio stations of a pending Nuclear Attack.


Turkey may ultimately unwittingly or otherwise force the direct confrontation between the US and Russia. Scary indeed, given how many such points of contention from the ME to Eastern Europe could become "active" in a very short period of time.


Sorry mate; Switzerland will not attack Scotland because the Swiss are bankrolling the war. And besides, they fear men in skirts playing raucous music on primitive instruments.


Granted, pretty damn spooky. The irony of the broadcasting those announcements on that particular radio station is that most of the right wing talking heads on that station complain that the US hasn't been confrontational enough with Russia. I do however appreciate that the person on this broadcast has it right regarding the US support for ISIS.


And likely don't have a great love of haggis.


No joke when you understand what's' going on in Syria right now.


Interesting, very interesting. The Pope & the Patriarchy. There is more to this than meets the eye. We are living in interesting times, aren't we?


"Nations Struggle to Remember Allies." LOL.


As a prescient person wrote a few weeks ago . . .

What is they gave a war and everybody came?


A cash cow for arms dealers everywhere. Avarice to conflict, like moths to a flame.


With Russia killing all of America's and Turkey's terrorists pals this is turning into a complete catastrophe! Syria was supposed to become a failed state like Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan. Damn that Putin to hell!

On the bright side, the tons and tons and tons of automatic weapons lavished on Al Qaeda and friends by the United States over the last few years promise to end up shooting people all over Europe, allowing for amazing and innovative new surveillance laws and curbs on civil liberties to be imposed on Europeans.

There is always a silver lining! The War on Terra: great war or greatest war!?


Meanwhile, according to journalist Patrick Cockburn, the latest
shifts—though soaked in the blood of the Syrian people and not an
indication that the overall war against the Islamic State is even close
to over—may at least be offering the outlines of an endgame for Syria.

Cockburn is a reliable journalist, as are also Robert Parry and Robert Fisk.

Here we have related war info in the UK Guardian.

'“At least 500 rebels have crossed the Bab al-Salam border crossing on their way to the town of Azaz, from which they want to help the insurgents in the face of gains made by Kurdish forces in the north of the province,” the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel, told Agence France-Presse.'

The SOHR comment that is being reported through Agence France-Presse is the output of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one man agency or observatory or whatever - a one man show of a guy named Rami Abdel Rahman from Coventry, UK who RT decided to investigate and found is the sole persona behind SOHR. This is more like the garbage that has been and is being feed to Obama by the neocons that infest the US State Department and the US contingent at the UN. If they weren't so dangerous, they could be called a "Confederacy of Dunces".

If Obama had paid more attention to Cockburn, Fisk, and Parry, he wouldn't find himself in the sorry mess that is Syria, that the US government neocon loons and Kissingeresk demons have lead him and us into.

Vote for HRC for more of the same, she's already contributed considerably to this travesty of statesmanship. Obama may even beat her to the initiation of WWIII, the ultimate disaster, superseding the specter of runaway climate change.


Turkey now blames the Kurds for the Ankara bombing which Kurds deny. Erdogan will use any excuse to widen his war against the Kurds and invade Syrian territory; that would be a disaster, but par for Erdogan's hatred of Kurds.

Turkey's membership in NATO carries risk and great danger if Turkey invades that will lead to wider not less war and civilian slaughter/displacement in Syria.

The Kurds likely are not responsible for the bombing but who is really responsible. There are those that still want wider regional war and conflict, with Israel still very active behind the scenes with false-flag ops. Mossad has been very involved in Turkey's politics and has blamed Erdogan for exposing Mossad ops and agents as well as being involved in the Syrian civil war.

Daesh or another of the terrorist group iterations are also possible perps, even though Turkey has been complicit to their war and aims in Syria in various ways.


Seeing as how Turkey has lost the last 7 wars they have had with Russia, I don't see them wanting to get into direct conflict with Putin.


It would be great if our next President allied the US with Iran and Russia and put an end to the Syrian holocaust, and stabilized the area so that not only Syrian, but Palestinian, refugees could return home. Certainly the US/Russia/Iran should seek reparations from Turkey, the Sunni Gulf states and Israel to allow the Syrian and Palestinian refugees to have hope of rebuilding their lives


It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Israel would use some of their nukes to invoke the Samson Option. They are just as nucking futs as Saudi Arabia and the US. This is some very scary stuff. Turkey has no business attacking troops that are in Syria proper.


Well, Israel has been known to conduct false flags and false attacks before going back to at least the 40s (the Lavon Affair), and they have attacked the US (their "friend and ally) when they attacked the USS Liberty (and likely had their fingers in the 9-11 attack), so it wouldn't surprise me if they had staged another false flag in Turkey.


US "allies" Turkey, Israel and the Saudis are the nexus of crimes against humanity in the ME, along with atrocities committed by Assad; a true "Axis of Evil". The Syrian civil war can turn quickly into a conflagration millions/billions will be lucky to live through.......