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Russia Bounty Story Falls Flat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/18/russia-bounty-story-falls-flat


Totally agree. We have consumed their lies so much we are spiritually/emotionally hollowed out.
We Americans fund/feed a cancer that is eating up the planet. Biden, Trump and the mafias who control them promise to continue feeding the cancer. Resistance is not possible within the Democrat or Republican mafias.
What can we do?

  1. Stop reading/consuming their stories: no more Fox, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, Wapo, Murdoch, the Guardian etc.
  2. Get off Facebook
  3. Don’t feed the election soap opera
  4. Talk to families, friends, neighbors. Draw them out on what they want, not on who they hate. Publicly funded medical care is a good topic. Not killing people (800+military bases that cost us money and “them” more than that) is another.
  5. Stop the name calling.

The “Russia is the Root of All Evil” mantra continues to be whole-hardheartedly embraced by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media.

The all-but-incumbent Democrat President Biden promotes this lie ://www.cbsnews.com/news/joe-biden-says-trump-not-cognitively-aware-russia-bounty-intelligence/

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi pushes this lie ://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/bad-it-gets-pelosi-democrats-take-aim-trump-over-russian-n1232363

Here’s how Democrat leader Schumer, and other Democrat Senators, responded ://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/10/senate-dems-trump-daily-intelligence-briefing-russia-bounties-356154

Here’s the the NYT’s has to say ://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/14/us/politics/afghanistan-russia-bounties-marines.html

The fact that the Russian Bounty to kill “innocent” US soldiers has been shown to be a lie, just makes clear that Democrats, and the mainstream media, embrace the same “facts don’t matter” ideology as Trump.


Honestly, this is the most ridiculous piece of trash the democrats and their media have tried to foist on us in recent memory. We’re talking about scientific research to curb a global pandemic, not weapons research. In a sane world this information would be shared and worked on together.There is no better a time for internationalism. In this sick and deadly monstrosity of a country someone hopes to patent and profit from such knowledge. That is the only reason for secrecy though Russia and China are likely ahead of us in research and progress.

As I’ve said before COVID is the dope slap comeuppance Amerika so deserves. I hope a vaccine is produced elsewhere, maybe by Cuba, and NOT sold to the US until we meet international requirements for human rights, demilitarization and climate sanity.


And be out in the streets – masked and maintaining safe distance.


The democrats want a cold war with Russia to bolster the military industries and pentagon. The Repugs want a war on citizens, especially minorities and the “left” (meaning anyone not sufficiently nazified).

Then there are the rest of us. Time for an American intifada. Time to organize beyond protest to build a new, sane order.


This entire Russia hype is illogical from the onset. The idea that Russia could influence the elections is downright absurd as Russia despises only two aspects of the American system; Democrats and Republicans. Both Party’s seek to demonize Russia at every chance. The only way Russia could have an American election that would benefit them, is to remove the corporate sycophants and replace them with progressive leaders who are ‘strong on peace’. This will never happen with the likes of Trump or Biden.
In contrast, the Israelis don’t care who wins the elections as long as it is either a Democrat or a Republican who has pledged an allegiance to AIPAC and Israeli Apartheid. Israel loves the absence of democracy in the U.S. because public opinion could quickly turn against Israelis if the horrors of Gaza and apartheid ever make headlines here. Israelis know that the 99% have no influence on U.S. elections and they relish this imbalance all the way to the bank as they cash billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money each year to reinforce slavery in Palestine.
Russians therefore face the exact same dilemma as Americans do… to support the lesser of two evils or ignore the election all together.


But wait, there’s more… Now the focus shifts to nefarious Russia-based cyber-attacks on “proprietary” COVID vaccine-research data. (Oooh: It turns out to be Boris & Natasha sneaking around in disguise, once again! Tune in next time for Back in the USSR, or Siberian Sidesteps.)

This is why we need anonymous federal troops armed with clubs: to beat us over the head until we’re dumb enough to find this stuff diverting outside of Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. Every once in a while you stumble upon a US American who isn’t sufficiently infantilized, as yet.


We called it here yet articles were still being posted to Common Dreams claiming bounty gate as fact.

Enough of the “The Russians did it” articles and focus on the corruption innate in our own Governments. “The Russians did it crap” just directs the attention away from that corruption. This is why “The Russians did it” type articles are always written by people who have direct links to the DNC. What these types of articles are doing is very much like what Trump does when he cites Brietbart as a source of his nonsense.

Stick to the facts and what the DNC says are what the Republicans say are not necessarily facts. What some “Unnamed public official” is NOT a fact.


Of course the notion that Russia influenced the elections is absurd. Were at that easy to do Maduro would never have won in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia and Putin for that matter in Russia.

To those that might suggest that the US does not meddle in other Countries elections, well that group beyond hope.


The Democrats embrace the tactic of planting fake stories with the eager-to-cooperate mainstream media all the time. Just in the last five years:

Steele dossier
Julian Assange


Excellent piece! Should be a headliner!


Vote 3rd party -


Erlich is probably right that the denial of involvement by the Taliban as reported by the NYT is probably correct. But what he doesn’t seem to imagine is the possibility of the Russians paying somebody (the Times article suggests ordinary ‘criminals’), or maybe planting a story about ‘bounties’ to just mess with the U.S.

Now realize that unless you have first hand experience of something all you can know about anything is to what degree of trust you can apply to your sources of information and then decide what may seem probable.

However, if you think that Russia would have no interest in undermining the U.S. attempts to withdraw from the Afghan mess (or assisting in getting the most incompetent candidate possible into the White House), then it may be time to think again.

Yes, Russia knows that Afghanistan is where empires go to die.

Of course, if we “think again,” that ought to lead to pulling soldiers out of Afghanistan, where we have no business more legitimate than the Karzai brothers poppy plantations.


Filed with the other Russia Rot in the circular repository under the desk.

Let’s file the relevant so-called information outlets the same way. The push media in the States no longer involve what we knew as a free press.


one of the better articles on here, noting the pervasive influence of a war profiteering deep state on american foreign policy, propagandistic ‘news’, and cynical politicians looking to fan the flames of fear.

It is not Russia that has a bounty; it is the U.S. that has a bounty! Let me ask: AFTER ALL THESE YEARS AND MANY AMERICAN LIVES WHAT IN THE HELL! AND WHAT IS AMERIKA DOING IN AFGHANISTAN IN THE FIRST PLACE! That is the real bounty.

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