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Russia Is Not the Reason to Block Gorsuch


Russia Is Not the Reason to Block Gorsuch

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Even by the lofty standards of the Trump era, the past week in Washington has been chaotic. Just a few days after FBI Director James B.


"Democratic Leaders and Progressives main priority should be crafting and fighting for a real Progressive Alternative to Trump's Faux-Populist brand."

Sure. NOW.

Where were you, and the DNC, when we had one, Katrina?

Helping to sink him.

Like you'd actually follow through, now.


Here is some history of McCarthyism among other topics:



Thanks for posting, it is an important discussion never heard on the msm.


Obviously she hasn't been to an Indivisible protest on the Left Coast. RussiaGate is mentioned on just about every other sign. (I think more than necessary right now, given the other issues we face.) It's a really big deal to a lot of folks.


Well well. A prominent liberal democrat may just be starting to climb OFF the Russia Russia Russia bandwagon. It's about f**king time. There's no there there. The election was stolen by the Republicans not the Russians. http://www.gregpalast.com/election-stolen-heres/


Hi ArchStanton, thanks for the informative link.
First time I've looked at it.
I still think that if Bernie had been the Nominee, he would have dismantled any Rep he might have faced in National Televised Debate, and won in a Landslide that would have been too Overwhelming for anyone to have Successfully Undermined.
For that I blame the DNC and Hillary.
That said, I believe this shows that Greg has accurately exposed how the decision for actual race between Hil and Trump was successfully taken out of the hands of the voters due to Voter Suppression.


Thanks for the kind words. I couldn't agree with you more. AAMOF, I am convinced that Obama (ugh!) won by MUCH MORE than the official figures claim for 2008, but Rove and Co. couldn't overcome his enormous lead. However much they tried.