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Russia is Withdrawing from Syria — and the U.S. Should Follow Suit


Russia is Withdrawing from Syria — and the U.S. Should Follow Suit

Phyllis Bennis

In a surprise announcement on March 14, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced that the Russians were withdrawing “most of our military” from Syria beginning immediately.

According to the TASS news agency, Putin said he hoped the withdrawal “will become a good motivation for launching negotiations” and “instructed the foreign minister to intensify Russia’s participation in organization of peace process in Syria.”


Ms. Bennis, I’m afraid you are using hyperbole when slandering the Syrian government with the term “brutal”. While there has been brutality on both sides of the Syrian equation, many of the accusations against President Assad have later proven to be untrue! You did know that didn’t you? The US media is the last place you should trust for truth! In Syria you have the de jure and de facto government fighting terrorists, yes, terrorists comprised of insurgents from many other Middle East nations, as well as terrorist supporters such as the US military, the Saudis and the Turks. None of these parties have any legal business in Syria. The last time I looked, only Russia and Iran had an invitation from the Syrian government to be there! Think before you speak Ma’am!


"— and give Washington greater leverage to urge Russia and Iran to go even further and stop arming the Syrian regime.

For too long Moscow and Washington have tried to outmuscle each other
by escalating the devastating Syrian war. Now, for once, they’ve got a
chance to escalate their efforts to end it."

How about the USA not arming assorted war criminals and thugs such as Saudi Arabia and thereby the very terrorists the USA says it doesn’t like. Outmuscling each other? The USA seems to have wanted to ramp up the Syrian civil war to hopefully get a puppet regime in place. The Russians simply bombed the crap out of the terrorists shipping oil to Turkey and have created a situation in which the assorted opponents can sit down to jaw jaw rather than war war.


While Bashar al-Assad deserves to die a slow and horrible death at the hands of his victims for his wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of citizens of his dictatorship, it is not up to the U. S. to do this. What the U. S. needs to do, is get the f#$% out of the region altogether, ASAP. Just leave. Just quit throwing good lives after wasted lives. Get out of Iraq, and Afghanistan. And, especially, quit giving money and selling arms to all the parties - especially Israel and Saudi Arabia, which are the REAL troublemakers in the region. They make Iran look absolutely reasonable by comparison. After all, we never overthrew Israel’s or Saudi Arabia’s democratic governments, like we did Iran’s, now, did we? We also need to close the VAST majority of our 700+ military bases around the World (we especially need to quit torturing the good people of Okinawa with our presence), and cut our “defense” budget at least in-half, if not more.

I think that is why Bernie Sanders stumbles on questions about defense and our role in the Mid-East. Deep down he probably agrees with most of my assessment, but politically he can’t begin to say a small part of what I am free to spout.