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Russia Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS Inside Syria: Reports


Russia Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS Inside Syria: Reports

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just hours after the Upper House of the Russian Parliament on Wednesday gave President Vladimir Putin the permission he sought to use the nation's air force to conduct missions against the Islamic State targets inside Syria, news outlets are reporting that the first Russian airstrikes inside Syria may have now taken place.


I'm going to agree with Putin on the issue of Assad. Syria needs stability now, democracy can come later. The safety of the people needs to be assured. Considering the numbers of refugees fleeing Syria, the UN Security Council needs to pass a resolution. What that resolution should include is not up to me to propose. European nations should not be having to figure out how they are going to take care of all these refugees just because nothing effective is being done to stabilize Syria.


The Sykes-Picot Plan's legacy is still going strong.


Despite the name, I wouldn't call Islamic State Muslim or Islamic. Real Muslims don't go around chopping heads, blowing up ancient shrines or enslaving women.


I'm not sure how effective Russia will be in stopping these Islamic Terrorist that have destroyed Syria. Instead of bombing them, a better stratergy might be to go to the source of this multi headed monster that created Isis and flooded Syria with foreign Islamic Extremist from all over the world.


Thanks for citing that history. I had to check a wiki for an outline - worth it. So we're a century into the non-ecological blind-end-run project to break up into consumable bits and digest any and all cultures living in areas with "resources" that the most powerful centralized systems are dependent on.
Sad to think that the powers, generated a mortal flaw - destroying the ecosystem hosting a society - and hence the trope of constant growth.
Here's an ethnobotanist's take on military history addressing vets at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans


In case you missed this part of Putin's most powerful speech at the UN a few days ago.

"Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”"


Considering that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, whatever, is a US proxy once or twice removed through our regressive, repressive Sunni "allies" (what a f'ing joke) this moves the hands of the doomsday clock a lot closer to midnight because now the Russians are directly fighting against the forces we support. Putin, as much as I detest the creep, is fully aware of who he is fighting. Much more so than the propagandized US (and apparently European) public. tick-tock.


Have you tried yet to untie the knot you are in hypocrite?


Vladimir Putin is the only one willing to stand up to America's Neocon madmen (and madwomen), and their pathological insistence on regime-change in order to advance the PNAC agenda. Tragically, Putin is the ultimate target of such regime-change, even though such a coup would surely mean the rise of a Russian nationalist - and war.

But with the Neocons in charge, nuclear war may occur via many paths. Let's pray that the war that ends life on earth doesn't begin with a direct Neocon/Russian clash in Syria. Or in Ukraine. Or anywhere else on NATO's ever-encroaching borders with Russia.

As long as these insane chickenhawks remain in charge in the USA, humanity's survival is in serious doubt. One only has to compare Obama's ugly grimace when meeting Putin to Reagan's smile and hearty handshake with Gorbachev to see how serious this all is. Yes, my friends, Barack Obama is to the Right of Ronald Reagan.


Once a troll always a troll Jerry, right Jerry?


Wait for it ! I predict that Putin will be demonized by the MSM as not launching airstrikes against ISiS but is killing innocent civilians in order to protect al-Assad.


I'm with the Pope.


Hope the Russians bomb the hell out of ISIS while they are traveling in their convoys in the desert, something that we have apparently been unable to do...otherwise there will be a lot of dead civilians.


II may have missed your point here as I thought Putin was just in the US so he is already doing/has done that.


i'm sure this is the situation sober wonks world wide have beenfearing for a few years. That there would be no restoration of adulthood in Washington and that Russia would feel little choice but to draw their own very reasonable line in the sand.

If Washington isn't actually gunning for war against Russia, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

It's hard to believe but not even Bush would be this criminally stupid.


Actually the U.S. is an avowed enemy of the Sunni's (Saddam Hussein, Assad) and armed and supported the Shiite's ethnic cleansing of the Sunnis after the U.S. invasion. It wasn't until the remaining survivors of the purge formed a resistance movement (ISIS) and began interrupting ME oil production in the region, that the U.S. stepped up their efforts to exterminate the rest of the Iraqi Sunni population.
Syria has very, very little oil, however they do bother Israel, especially with their requests to give back land (Golan Heights) that Israel annexed from Syria during their surprise invasion of Syria during the Six Day War in 1967. Though Israel hates all Sunnis, Shiites, and every other Islamic faction in the ME, Israeli officials believe that the fall of Assad would cause a strategic downgrading of Syrian military might. Rather than stable governments int he region, Israel supports destabilized governments and anarchy in the false belief that this increases Israeli security. And while Americans also seek instability in the region (unless the country is controlled by a ruthless, pro-American dictator), some stability is necessary so that American corporations can still access and drain every last drop of oil out of the region.


You are exactly correct.

We are suffering from generational ignorance. An entire generation has grown up, not understanding the horror of nuclear war. An entire generation, ignorant of the anti-nuclear movements of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. An entire generation, not knowing what sort of fire the Neocons in charge of both wings of the Corporatist War Party are playing with so cavalierly.

Most people in America are unaware that at any given moment, their lives, and the lives of every person they've ever met, are ~20 minutes away from ending in that fire, due to miscalculation, due to a technical glitch, due to the arrogance of the chickenhawks running the US State Department.

The media is fully complicit in this ignorance, regurgitating the propaganda of the Neocons daily. Indeed, the first hint of what awaits us may well be live coverage of the first tactical nuke, detonating in anger. The audience will barely have time for the shock of that event to sink in, when the flash appears on their horizon.


You're a tool.


Watch as the apologist for Russia do mental gymnastics and they try to blame this on the United States.

Meanwhile back in the real world, the population grows, resources run out, the climate has changed and wars spread.