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Russia Restakes Claim as Race for Arctic Resources Continues


Russia Restakes Claim as Race for Arctic Resources Continues

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The rush for claims to the resource-rich Arctic continued on Tuesday when Russia submitted to the United Nations a renewed bid for territories, sparking environmental fears.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the "application covers an underwater space covering an area of about 1.2 million sq km at a distance of over 350 nautical miles from the coast."


I would “bet the farm” that the decided majority of the Rep clowndidates would opt to “take out Russia” without batting an eye. They, in their infinite wisdom (?) would think a nuclear war winnable…that is, until they and their families start melting.


Pandora’s Box has been opened with Congress and the Presidents (GWB included) authorizing oil and mining in the Arctic region including land and sea. How short-sighted of the powers-that-be whose ears are bent by special interests (energy and mining conglomerates and their lobbyists) to think that the US is the only nation with access to the Arctic. Russia and the US battling over resources in the Arctic…now that is truly a Cold War that is NOT winnable by either participant and spells disaster for the planet.


“we can “win” a nuclear war.” The PNAC crowd really believes they can. They are the greatest organized threat to humanity and the planet ever.


The permits "Congress and the Presidents " authorized are for drilling on federal land that belongs to the fed government of the US.

What Russia is claiming is drilling rights outside the Russian continental shelf area.


Needs to become a UNEP United Nations World Conservation Area.


As is Antarctica.


350 nautical miles from the coast, including the coast of offshore islands. Legitimate under the Law of the Sea.

Illegitimate in terms of global responsibility however, but when has that ever stopped people from screwing everyone else?


Hence lay the reason for global warming deniers, it’s oil cartel’s bought politicians making bone head arguments while destroying our planet for a fistful of dollars


right on …plus a little help from S.D.I. aka star wars fer shur. maybe we should increase our military budget from 54% of discretionary deficit building spending which is already LARGER THAN THE NEXT 7 WORLD POWERS MILITARY BUDGETS COMBINED to…forget that idea i got a better one.we already have over 40% of the worlds armaments and we are closing in on 50%. so lets stop pussyfooting pantywaisting around AND GET SERIOUS - lets go for 100% !!! that way we have all the weapons and everyone else has like sticks n rocks n stuff like that. is this my best idea or whuht?

and btw we are no longer no.1 in anything anymore except our military budget,our deficit and the number of americans in jail. this is called “raygunomics” which has been our fiscal policy since 1981. such a success, ya think?


which part of the chuchki sea do the feds “own”?


The part that extends 200nm or so from the shore?

Ok, so it doesn’t really “belong” to them but a particular country has exploitation rights in that area if really want to nitpick.


Do oil spills as a result of drilling in the Arctic know any borders/boundaries? The utopian solution would be for both the U S and Russia to agree to an everlasting moratorium on ANY drilling/mining in ANY region they both border that is fragile and subject to ruin as a result of human activities.


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It has been proven that the US has been the greatest polluter in the world until 2009 when China assumed that onerous title. “The United States is a close second with 5,903 tons of greenhouse gases released each year.” REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

And, yes there is a lot in the US to exhort “bashing.” Many of the corrupt practices in Russia are exercised by megalomaniacs who took their lessons from corporations and underworld operations in the U.S. along with earning their degrees in marketing, business, finance, etc. from American colleges (Harvard comes to mind). That also goes for any number of dictatorships in the Middle East, past and present.


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Just another reason to get rid of our dependence on oil & gas as soon as possible, going for conservation, energy efficiency & sustainable energy sources instead. If we make drilling for oil & gas non-profitable, then there’d be no point for them to do it.

Remember, by using fossil fuels you pollute the air, damage our land & water, deplete the world’s resources, contribute to climate change, & fund petrodictatorships like Russia & Saudi Arabia as well as Middle East terrorism. If you care about any of these things, find alternative ways of getting around besides gasoline powered vehicles.


The Bear is just behaving as bears will do.An Imperial Bear-as in the distant past, and in the Soviet past. Nothing new here. All the smaller bears, Canada, Norway-even Denmark want to get in on the act. Why leave the pickings to the biggest Bear of all-the US? All of them, great and small, seem bent on environmental destruction. I’m old enough to remember the Soviet line that socialist chemicals were nicer than capitalist chemicals-but that’s a whole other story.